Public announcement regarding advisory services for Rwandan students intending to study abroad

This announcement concerns the following:

  1. Rwandan students who intend to study in Universities (and Institutions of Higher Learning) abroad, and need information and guidance on the Universities, such as: Accreditation (Recognition) status of Universities/Academic programmes, to help them make informed choices for their studies.
  2. Foreign Universities’ Liaison Offices which operate in Rwanda – the offices are situated in various locations, mainly in Kigali city.
  3. Individuals representing Foreign Universities (and Institutions of Higher Learning), who intend to come to Rwanda to promote (or market) their institutions; and sometimes to enrol Rwandan students to study in their institutions, whether through on-line & distance learning mode, or by physically travelling to the respective Countries/Institutions to study through face-to-face mode.

This announcement follows cases where after Rwandan students are enrolled in such Universities abroad, face various challenges — largely as a result of having relied on limited or false information in making the choices of the foreign University or programme for their studies. Examples are where, students have been enrolled in un-Accredited (Recognised) Universities/Programmes, the Quality of Education is below the anticipated standards, or the living and financial conditions are not as anticipated. As a result, students have ended up discontinuing their studies, changing University or getting stranded in those locations far from their homes.

I wish to note that, it is within the mandate of the Higher Education Council (HEC) to advise/provide necessary information to Rwandan students who wish to study abroad. It is in this regard that the management of HEC informs those concerned (mentioned above), the following:

    1. Rwandan students intending to study abroad, may approach HEC to obtain relevant information about Foreign Universities and Academic programmes — so as to make informed choices for their studies
    2. Foreign Universities’ Liaison Offices, currently operating in Rwanda, are required to contact HEC within not more than thirty 30 days from the date of issue of this announcement to be given further guidelines on their activities
    3. Foreign Universities which intend to promote (or market) themselves; and sometimes to enrol Rwandan students into their institutions are required to seek written approval from HEC prior to undertaking any marketing and enrolment activities.

Please note: This is not an announcement for scholarship to study abroad

Date: 29 June 2018

Dr Emmanuel Muvunyi

Executive director

Download full announcement HERE


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