Africa Skills competition 2018 kicks off in Rwanda

word skills competitionWorldSkills competition is a movement that is being built upon the work and projects in various focus areas, such as Career Building, Education and Training, International Cooperation, Research, and Promoting Skills, with the vision to improve our world with the power of skills. This is also in line with Africa’s continental development blueprint Agenda 2063 which calls for catalyzing a skills revolution and strengthening technical and vocational education and training through among others; scaled up investments and establishment of a pool of high quality TVET centres across Africa.

The Africa Skills Competition is to be organized in a way that is smart and small so it’s easy to manage, yet it is very focused in terms of the selective countries and skills in order to test how the model works in Africa and be improved in the future competitions.

The overall objective of the competition is to raise awareness about skills development and excellence in current and emerging trades and technology careers. It is also aimed at involving the private sector and industry in evaluating student performance and keep training programmes relevant to employers’ needs. It is anticipated that through the competition, avenues shall be provided for developing dynamic partnerships with agencies and organizations involved in promoting skills development in Africa and thus identifying, promoting and using best practices

Below are the skills expected to be involved:

• Mechatronics
• Electrical Wiring
• Cooking
• Plumbing
• Hair Dressing
• Bricklaying

The role of the African Union is as follows: 

• Partnership and sponsorship coordination
• Promotion to AU member states
• Political support coordination with participating countries
• Source funding opportunities for participating countries/skills

Watch the opening ceremony of the WorldSkills in Rwanda here


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