Andela Kigali Fellowship Cycle 1 (Full-time employment opportunity) – Deadline : September 14,2018

Do you dream of using technology to change the world?

Join the Andela movement to ensure that while the digital revolution may have begun in Silicon Valley, its future will be written in Lagos, Nairobi, Kampala, Kigali and cities across Africa.


The Andela Fellowship is a full-time employment opportunity designed for talented and high-potential technologists to build their skills and experience on a global scale. We seek out exceptional people from a variety of backgrounds who are committed to unlocking their full potential.

Through four years of intensive learning and real work experience, you’ll master the professional and technical skills you need to succeed as a software developer with the with the world’s top engineering teams.

You bring a relentless desire to learn and level up. We provide access to resources, mentorship, and a community of passionate software developers to support you at every step of your journey.

Watch this video to learn about our values.


Stage 1: Online Application
Fill out the application form

Stage 2: Technical Assessment
Once you submit your application, you’ll be directed to study the modules on our Home StudyCurriculum for software development and team skills. This is required to complete a technical assessment that will evaluate your knowledge of the content you’ve learned. No prior coding experience is required.

Stage 3: In-Person Interview
Based on your application and technical assessment, you may be invited to a panel of interviews made up of staff members and developers at an Andela office.

Stage 4: Attend a Bootcamp
Successful candidates are invited to participate in a two-week, simulated development sprint led by senior Andela developers. The two weeks is comprised of one week of home-based self-learning, and one week of product development on-site at an Andela campus. You’ll be expected to learn independently as well as on a team to deliver a final project. We’re looking for work ethic, passion, and teamwork.

Stage 5: Become an Andelan
The highest performing participants are accepted into Andela’s four-year Fellowship Program. Over the course of four years, you’ll be immersed in intensive learning alongside some of Africa’s most brilliant minds. You’ll amass real work experience as part of global engineering teams. You’ll emerge a professional who is capable of transforming the world through leadership and technology.

For inquiries, please read the Application FAQs and Home Study FAQs. If you still have unanswered questions, please send an email to

Apply today and see if you have what it takes!

Recruitment Schedule for Andela Kigali, Cycle 1.

Application Deadline: September 14th, 2018

Technical Assesment: The Technical Assesment is a requirement for making it through our selection process. Please study and complete the Home Study Curriculum before your test.

Technical Assessment Submission Deadline: October 3rd, 2018

Interview Dates: October 10th – October 12th, 2018

Bootcamp: November 19th – November 30th, 2018

Please take this schedule into consideration before you apply. 


For more information,please visit

Please note:

If you want to build a career at Andela, then you are in luck! There are plenty of jobs right now, so you can go ahead and find one for yourself! Below, you can find all the available positions at Andela Kigali at the moment:

1.Software Development Learning Facilitator, Bootcamp

2.Community Manager-Technical Talent

3.Recruiting Operations Associate

4.Recruiting Manager

5.People (HR) Manager

6.Senior Accountant

7. Country Director, Rwanda



Beware of scammers

-Remember that you should never have to pay for anything to get a job.
-Don't give out your credit card or bank account information over the phone to a company unless you're familiar with them and have agreed to pay for something. Anyone who has your account information can use it.
-If a company or organization is mentioned in an ad  contact that company or check the official website to find out if the company really is hiring.


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