Apply now!! Bridge2Rwanda Scholars Program 2019

Bridge2Rwanda Scholars Program 2019Applications are now open for the 2019 Bridge2Rwanda Scholars Program. This program is designed to help Scholars prepare for development and employment in Rwanda by improving their English skills, preparing for university rigor, and applying to international universities.

About the Bridge2Rwanda Scholars Program

The mission of the Bridge2Rwanda Scholars Program is to build a fellowship of globally-educated young leaders in Africa with the capacity to transform their communities and accelerate growth in their country. The program selects the most talented high school graduates, helps them earn scholarships to study abroad, and equips them to launch their careers back in Africa. Since 2011, Bridge2Rwanda has helped 206 African students from Rwanda, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan earn over $50 million in scholarships to 78 of the top universities around the world.

For the first 16 months of the program, Scholars immerse themselves in B2R’s rigorous Leadership Academy located at the B2R Training Center on the campus of the University of Rwanda – College of Business and Economics in Kigali. Scholars are required to make a full-time commitment to the Leadership Academy without any guarantee they will be awarded a university scholarship. In addition, they sign a written commitment that if they are awarded an international scholarship they will return to work in Africa after their university graduation. In addition to academic performance and English language skills, the selection process considers leadership potential, people skills and the student’s desire to make a difference in his or her country.


  • Bridge2Rwanda only accepts recent high school graduates who are 21 years old or younger.

Application process


The first step in the process is completion of the application online.  All applications are reviewed, and the applicants with the strongest applications will receive an invitation to come to the B2R Center for a group interview and an English test.

If an applicant passes the group interview process and scores high enough on the English test, he or she may be invited to attend an individual interview.

Selection decisions are made after the second interview phase is completed.

The application period closes January 31,2019



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