Call for Applications: “Know your Rights” campaign Grant for Rwandan non-governmental organization (Up to 100,000,000 RWF)

Rwanda Duteze Imbere Ubutabera (DIU), implemented by Chemonics Rwanda DIU, LLC, is seeking grant applications for the completion of a “Know your Rights” campaign. The grant will be awarded and implemented in accordance with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and U.S.

Government regulations governing grants under contract and Rwanda DIU’s internal grant management policies.

Project and Chemonics employees may not ask for, and applicants are prohibited from offering, any money, fee, commission, credit, gift, gratuity, thing of value, or compensation to obtain or reward improper favorable treatment regarding this solicitation. Any improper request from a project employee should be reported to the chief of party or


Rwanda DIU is awarding a grant to a Rwandan non-governmental organization to develop and implement a “Know your Rights” campaign. The objective of the activity is to use different channels, methods, and platforms including radio broadcasting relationships to develop, launch, and implement a known-yourrights campaign that stimulates knowledge and demand for accessing the supply of services (both formal and informal legal aid services). The Grantee will coordinate with DIU and work with the MINIJUST and

JRLOS CS Communications Technical Working Group (which is formed by the justice sector institutions’ communications officers and is co-chaired by Rector of Institute of Legal Practice and Development (ILDP) and USAID representative), to integrate the campaign with the broader communications strategy, using trending hashtags to amplify it and featuring key access-to-justice stakeholders.


Applicants must be a registered Rwandan non-governmental organization(not-for-profit and
for-profit), advocacy organizations, and communications organizations formally constituted,
recognized by and in good standing with appropriate Rwanda authorities, and compliant with all applicable civil and fiscal regulations.

• Private universities and/or research institutions

• Applicants may only submit one application per organization under this RFA.

• Applicants must be able to demonstrate successful past performance in implementation of
integrated development programs related to Rwanda DIU’s priority areas.

•Applicants must have established outreach capabilities with linkages to the beneficiary group(s) identified in the program description. This should be reflected by the incorporation of the beneficiary perspective in the application.

• Applicants must display sound management in the form of financial, administrative, and
technical policies and procedures and present a system of internal controls that safeguard
assets; protect against fraud, waste, and abuse; and support the achievement of program goals and objectives. Rwanda DIU will assess this capability prior to awarding a grant.

• The following are required to be submitted as part of the application package

-Certification of “Representation by Organization Regarding a Delinquent Tax
Liability or a Felony Criminal Conviction (AAPD 14-03, August 2014)”

-Prohibition on Providing Federal Assistance to Entities that Require Certain Internal
Confidentiality Agreements – Representation (May 2017)

• Additionally, applicants must sign the following required certifications prior to receiving a
grant. The certifications are attached to this solicitation (Annexes E and F) and Rwanda DIU
will review them with applicants.

• For any grant award(s) resulting from this solicitation that is other than in-kind and equivalent to $25,000 USD or more, grantees will be required to provide a Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number at the time of award. If the applicant already has a DUNS number it should be included in their application. Otherwise, applicants will be expected to get a DUNS number before an award is made. Rwanda DIU will assist successful applicants with this process. DUNS numbers can be obtained online at

• The project will work with the successful grantee to draft a marking and branding plan which will be annexed to the grant agreement.

• Faith-based and community groups will receive equal opportunity for funding in accordance with the mandated guidelines laid out in ADS 303.3.28 except for faith-based organizations whose objectives are for discriminatory and religious purposes, and whose main objective of the grant is of a religious nature.

Rwanda DIU encourages applications from new organizations who meet the above eligibility criteria.


Rwanda DIU anticipates awarding up to 100,000,000 RWF (Rwandan Francs) for one individual grant award. The final amount will be dependent upon grant activities and final negotiation and may be lower or higher than that amount. The duration of any grant award under this solicitation is expected to be no more than an estimated twelve months. The estimated start date of grants awarded under this solicitation is September 27, 2018. The grant type envisioned is a fixed amount award grant agreement type. This is where payment is made based on the successful accomplishment of specific milestones in
the grant agreement.


Applications shall be submitted in English and may not be more than 15 pages in Microsoft Word and budget documents in Microsoft Excel.

Applications (Technical and budget proposals and supporting documentation) should be submitted in electronic format to the Rwanda DIU offices at the email address below and should reference RFA No. DIU001.

Applications must be submitted no later than 5:00 pm local Rwanda time, on August 31, 2018. Late or unresponsive applications will not be considered.

Please submit all questions concerning this solicitation to the attention of Marie Aimee N. Ngizimpundu,Grants and Procurement Manager, via email to

Rwanda DIU will assist applicants in understanding the application process and can provide coaching in application development at the request of applicants.

For more details,download know your right campaign


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