Cost of living for international students in Netherlands


Cost of living for international students in Netherlands 2019How much does it cost to live in Netherlands? If you are interested in studying in Netherlands, one of the most important things to consider is how much everything is going to cost. Here are the estimates of the living costs in Netherlands as an international student.

Please note that tuition fees are not included in this estimated budget.


The total cost of living is € 9.500 – €10.500 per year, excluding tuition fees.

The following costs are included in this budget:

Housing: €5.000

Books & supplies: €500

Bank account: €50

Food: €2.500

Transportation: €600

Other (clothing etc.): €800

Bicycle: €125

Insurance (optional for EU/EEA students: €480

Entry visa / residence permit (Non-EU/EEA students only): €192

Some study programs require extra study material, possibly a laptop

Insurance costs

Insurance costs for EU/EEA students depend on policies of insurance companies in home country. EU/EEA students can opt for additional insurance of €10-€25 per month.

This insurance covers costs of medical care, liability, household contents and luggage, legal aid and extra costs. Please contact International Office for more information.


Students in need of visa are required to prove they posses sufficient financial resources (€ 11.000) in order to pay for living in the Netherlands themselves. This amount thus includes reserves.


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