Deep Learning Indaba 𝕏 Rwanda 2019


The Deep Learning Indaba exists to celebrate and strengthen machine learning in Africa through state-of-the-art teaching, networking, policy debate, and through our support programmes, such as the IndabaX and the Kambule and Maathai awards. We work towards the vision of Africans becoming critical contributors, owners, and shapers of the coming advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Target Audience

In principle, undergraduate and graduate students, researchers, professionals in the field of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence(AI) and related fields (eg: Neuroscience) will be typical profiles of participants. However, there are no formal pre-requisites for attendance in terms of academic degrees. We strongly encourage the participation of:

All STEM students (eg: Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, who have interests in machine learning and AI.

All industry professionals desiring to either know the potentiality of AI and Machine Learning for them or have a more in depth understanding of these subjects.

Note: If your are a start-up or a business with activities related to the field of AI and Machine Learning, contact us directly by email.

Requirements and Prerequisites

No deep previous knowledge of Machine Learning is required, but the attendants are assumed to have some basic background on linear algebra and programming. A review of basic concepts programming (python) and an introduction to the necessary tools for implementation of machine learning algorithms using python will be given on one of the three practicals. There is no registration or attendance fee.

Types of applications:

There are two types of applications:

An application for attendance: to follow the activities of the event as participant.

An application for poster presentation: to present a poster on a project done in the field of Machine Learning/AI. The best poster will win a ticket to attend the main Indaba in Nairobi.

However, note that this only guarantees a place but not funding to attend.

Note: If you intend to apply for a poster presentation, then there is no need to apply again for attendance.


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