FabLab Rwanda : Call for membership application 2019


Membership to the FabLab is open to any professional, student or hobbyist in the digital fabrication. By being a FabLab member you will be able to use the space, attend events and collaborate with other FabLab members. All members are expected to be active parts of the community.

call for membership application

Membership duty

Members are expected to have a project in mind that they wish to accomplish during their stay at the FabLab. Being specific about your goals will allow us to better help you meet them. Members are expected to have shown some progress on their goals before applying for membership.

Membership duration:

all members shall keep in mind that the maximum of the project to be conducted is 6 months this can be increased or reduces depend on different facts but the probability of modifying the timeline is so narrow.

Selection Process

Please note that the first round of membership applications is now open. We however all applicant must have done the research on their projects including the real life problem, estimation numbers of people facing with that problem, his/her solution and how his/her solution meets the problem needs before applying to this membership. Priority will be given to early applicants

How to Apply

Apply online via the following link : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeD4YHrbzAEsXqoHgmPn2WvQvvSt-H5spCiFS6PdkmkiC72NA/viewform


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