German Embassy Kigali : Fund for micro projects 2019 (5.000 to 15.000 EUR in funding )


Fund for micro projects 2019The fund for micro projects of the German Embassy was established as part of the
technical cooperation between Germany and Rwanda. This fund is designed to assist
projects at grass root level. Your project has to be set up in order to directly fulfil the
needs of the poorest and most vulnerable parts of the population. Measures such as
training, small infrastructures (i.e. water harvesting system), income earning activities
and projects to improve the nutritional situation, the health or educational status of the
beneficiaries or serve as environmental protection measures are eligible for funding.

Who can apply

Generally, local non-governmental organisations, self-help groups as well as local administrations and church based organisations can apply for support. Government
agencies, business men or other individuals seeking support in order to establish or
improve their services or private businesses do not qualify for this program and therefore
applications cannot be considered. One application within 3 years is admissible.

How to apply:

Please send a written application to the German Embassy according to the attached
form. The following details are required:

• Indicate your complete address, telephone and fax numbers and e-mail address

• Please describe the applying institution/group, their program and organisational

• Documentation for the registration of your organisation must be provided.

• Give two names and contact details for the two persons responsible for the execution of the project and the signing of the contract. Passport copies or other official documents need to be provided for identification purposes.

• Describe the current situation/problem you are facing. Then describe the essence of your project to overcome the said problem. (What measures could be taken in order to improve the situation? Which efforts have been undertaken so far to realise the project.)

• Please state the total amount requested based on a detailed budget plan, which needs to be signed and dated. Two independent quotations for materials and services are required to support your budget. All materials required for the project should be bought in Rwanda or in neighbouring countries.

• Have you applied to other Embassies or institutions for assistance? If so, please state the name, address and contact for reference purposes.

• Please describe the contributions in money or kind of the prospective beneficiaries of the project (e.g. the villagers will dig the well, the school children will plant the seedlings etc.).

• The period needed for the realisation must not exceed 6 months.

Your application should not exceed 4 pages. However, additional maps, photos, plans
to support your idea are welcome. If building activities of any kind are concerned, proof
of ownership for the land is mandatory. Any lack of documentation might lead to the
exclusion of your proposal from the consideration for the micro project fund. The Embassy
reserves the right to see originals.

If your application will be approved by the German Embassy, a representative of the Embassy might visit the site of the project. You will be informed about the Embassy’s decision in writing.

Funding procedures:

The amount available per project is in the range of 5.000 to 15.000 EUR (currently between approx. 5 Mio. RWF to 15 Mio. RWF). This amount is supposed to cover costs for materials of the project, in general excluding costs for labour (simple jobs for helpers), meals and transport of participants, survey costs or pure humanitarian aid. In general, fixed charges such as salaries, rent, insurance fees etc. cannot be funded.

An adequate contribution of the beneficiaries is expected, which can consist of financial contributions or in kind.

The amount granted cannot be increased nor may the project be renewed. The initial
purpose of the project may not be changed during its execution.
Before any funds can be released, a contract has to be signed by two representatives
of the applying organisation and a representative of the German Embassy.

After the finalisation of the project, a written report about the completion of the project
has to be sent to the German Embassy as soon as possible.

It has to include a detailed list of the purchased materials and their costs. Each purchase has to be accounted for by presenting the original invoice or receipt. Unused funds or funds which cannot be accounted for by presentation of original invoices/receipts have to be refunded to the German Embassy. A representative of the German Embassy might then visit the site again to assess the finalised project.

Click here for further information and here for the application form.

Examples of successfully executed projects in the past you can find here

Application deadline: 30 Nov 2018

Official website =>


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