Global Health Corps Fellowship 2019-2020 : Open positions for Rwandese nationals

global health corps fellowship 2019-2020

Applications for the 2019-2020 Global Health Corps fellowship class are now open!

Global Health Corps recruits and selects highly qualified applicants with diverse skill sets to work with high-impact organizations in year-long paid positions. During their fellowship year, fellows make a significant and measurable contribution to the placement organization and the target population.

Fellows work in teams of two at each placement organization – one national fellow and one international fellow. Fellows have diverse backgrounds, experiences, skillsets, and passions. They are architects, designers, web developers, business analysts, teachers, communications specialists, supply chain managers, and more.

GHC recruits high-impact placement organizations in East Africa, Southern Africa, and the United States that are strengthening health systems and improving health outcomes in impoverished communities. Placement organizations range from local grassroots organizations to government agencies to global institutions. Our partners identify areas of demand within the organization where our fellows can further develop their diverse skill set and inevitably add significant value.

Applications close Jan 16, 2019 at 12:00PM (noon) EST / 7:00PM CAT / 8:00PM EAT. W

Eligibility requirements

By the start of the fellowship, June 24, 2019,  fellows must:

  • Be 30 years or younger.
  • Hold a bachelor’s or undergraduate university degree.
  • Be proficient in English.

More information about eligibility requirements


In addition to the intensive leadership development and professional growth that the fellowship offers, the Global Health Corps fellowship includes the following benefits. GHC arranges several logistical details on fellows’ behalf with the expectation that fellows will take ownership of their overall experience. Read on below to learn more about how these items apply to specific placements:

1.Monthly living stipend

GHC fellows receive a living stipend that varies based on location and placement organization. The annual review of stipends takes into consideration the cost of living, peer organization and fellowship salaries, and the compensation package for full-time employees at placement organizations.

For Africa-based positions
The living stipend may be paid out in USD or local currency, as determined by the placement organization. Stipend amounts are post-tax. The monthly stipend in each country is:

  • Malawi: $650
  • Rwanda: $650
  • Uganda: $550
  • Zambia: $700

For US-based positions
The living stipend amount is pre-tax for US-based fellows. The monthly stipend in the US is $1140.

2.Award of $1500 upon successful completion of the fellowship year



5.Support in applying for visas and/or work permits, as necessary

6.Travel costs covered to and from placement site, GHC training and retreats

7.Professional development funds of up to $600

More information about benefits and Logistics

Open positions for Rwandese nationals

Location : Kigali , Rwanda

Position: Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Officer 

Organization : Alliance for Healthy Communities

Eligible citizenshipRWANDA

Location : Kigali , Rwanda

Position: Communications Officer 

Organization : Health Development and Performance

Eligible citizenshipRWANDA

Location : Kigali , Rwanda

Position: Monitoring, Evaluation, and Research Officer 

Organization : Health Development Initiative

Eligible citizenshipRWANDA

Location : Kigali , Rwanda

Position: Design Fellow 

Organization : MASS Design Group

Eligible citizenshipRWANDA

Location : Kigali , Rwanda

Position: Finance Program Coordinator 

Organization : Ministry of Health – Rwanda

Eligible citizenshipRWANDA

Location : Kigali , Rwanda

Position: eHealth Project Manager 

Organization : Ministry of Health – Rwanda

Eligible citizenshipRWANDA

Location : Kigali , Rwanda

Position: Community Health and Outreach Coordinator 

Organization : OneSight

Eligible citizenshipRWANDA

Location : Rwinkwavu , Rwanda

Position: Pediatric Development Clinic Quality Improvement Coordinator 

Organization : Partners In Health/Inshuti Mu Buzima

Eligible citizenshipRWANDA

Location : Kigali , Rwanda

Position: Key Populations Program Fellow 

Organization : Rwanda Zambia HIV Research Group

Eligible citizenshipRWANDA

Location : Kigali , Rwanda

Position: Supply Chain Officer 

Organization : Solid’Africa

Eligible citizenshipRWANDA

Location : Musanze , Rwanda

Position: Program Quality and Training Officer 

Organization : Spark MicroGrants

Eligible citizenshipRWANDA

Location : Ruli , Rwanda

Position: Business Administration Systems Liaison 

Organization : The Ihangane Project

Eligible citizenshipRWANDA

Location : Butaro, Rwanda

Position: One Health Coordinator 

Organization : University of Global Health Equity

Eligible citizenshipRWANDA

Location : Butaro , Rwanda

Position: Teaching and Learning Coordinator 

Organization : University of Global Health Equity

Eligible citizenshipRWANDA

How to apply

The application will open on December 5, 2018 and close on January 16, 2019 at 12:00PM (noon) EST. Note: 12:00PM EST is 7:00PM CAT and 8:00PM EAT. During that time, you’ll be able to complete the application on our Start an Application page. Before then, you can start drafting your responses using our Application Preview page.

There are four components of the Global Health Corps fellowship application:

  1. [REQUIRED] Background Information and Essays: This is where you will fill out your general information, including professional and educational background, as well as four personal essays.
  2. [REQUIRED] Fellowship Role Selection form: You must apply for at least one fellowship role and may apply for up to three. For each role, you must complete a Role Selection form, including a brief essay about your interest and qualifications for the role.
  3. [REQUIRED] Reference Information form: You must select one current or former supervisor who will complete the GHC Recommendation Form on your behalf. Once you submit your reference’s information through the Reference Information form, s/he will receive an email directly from GHC with instructions on how to complete and submit the recommendation form. It is your responsibility to ensure your reference submits the GHC Recommendation Form by the deadline of January 23, 2019.
  4. Skills and Experiences Survey: The Skills and Experiences Survey collects information regarding your professional background and will only be used if we are unable to advance you in the role(s) you selected in your application. In that case, the GHC team may consider you for other roles if an opportunity arises that matches your qualifications.

GHC staff, fellows, and alumni read applications in January and February to select semi-finalists, and conduct interviews in March to select finalists. Partner organizations review all finalists and decide which candidates to interview, then make the final decision

Please note :

  • submissions are done online – Applications by email are not accepted
  • Submit your application as soon as possible.

For more information,please visit


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