Goethe – Institut Kigali : Independent filmmaking workshop

Are you a FILMMAKER starting out or already established and looking for ways to better manage your creative career?

Have you been asking yourself one of these questions lately?

How to write applications for grants? Which film festivals are good for your films? Where can you find funding for your films? How can you make a low budget film and get it into film festivals? How do you develop an idea into a treatment? How do you protect your work and yourself from exploitation?

Those and many more questions will be answered in a workshop with two young, award-winning independent Rwandese filmmakers Samuel Ishimwe and Amelia Umuhire. You will learn how to efficiently and independently manage your creative career and get an insight into the steps of conceiving, writing, producing and distributing your film.


Apply with a short bio and two to three links to your previous work or if you’re just starting out a short letter of motivation explaining why you want to get into filmmaking.
E-Mail: assistant-kigali@goethe.de
Subject Line: Film Funding Workshop


Submission: 10 October – 04 November 2018

Announcement: 12. November 2018

Workshop: 21 – 23 November 2018

The workshop is open for max. 15 filmmakers in order to guarantee a productive work environment and will take place in English.

For more information check out the official website: https://www.goethe.de/ins/rw/en/kul/sup/ifw.html

Independent filmmaking workshop


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