Goethe-Institut Kigali – The future is now poetry workshop (Deadline: May 18,2018)

A two-day workshop on poetry, spoken word, hip hop and beat-boxing & one performance evening

For: Writers, poets, rappers, singers, spoken word artists, vocal acrobats and anyone who is passionate about writing, poetry, hip hop, etc.

Participation is free!

About the workshop

Rwanda and other African nations still feel the effects of colonialism and postcolonial structures are an ongoing reality. None of us is able to change the past, but we can all learn from it in order to build a better future.

Have you always wanted to tell your story? To travel back in time to rediscover your past and to see how Africa was like before colonialism? Have you always wanted to shape the future by using your imagination?

In the workshop, we want to focus on the past and how the past has shaped our lives. We want to perceive Afrofuturism as a journey of self-discovery and want to find out – by the means of poetry and writing – what needs to be accepted in the past and what can maybe be rediscovered for the present and the future. We will discuss about (black) identity and belonging, from an individual as well as an (Pan-) African perspective, trying to define and redefine our identities with words and sounds. We will listen to old African myths, talk about the capacities of the African community and look for the prints of a forgotten future.

If you are interested in writing and poetry, this workshop will be an opportunity for you to improve your writing/poetry/hip hop/beat-boxing skills, to tell your stories, to discover and rediscover other stories.

The pieces of poetry, music and art that you will create during the workshop, will be presented and performed on the 25th of May at Goethe-Institut Kigali. This final poetry event will allow you to share your stories with a bigger audience and to give more people an idea of how Africans can see themselves in the future, both in fiction and in reality.

If you could shape the future by using your imagination – what would you do?


22 May 2018 (workshop day 1): 9am – 5pm (lunch included)
24 May 2018 (workshop day 2): 2pm – 6pm
25 May 2018 (performance evening): 6.30pm


  • English speaking (the workshop will be held in English; however, you can write and present in English, German, French, Kinyarwanda and/or Swahili
  • 18 years or older
  • Passionate about poetry, hip hop, spoken word, writing, …

How to apply

Write a short text (1/2 – 1 page) about the future; it can be a poem, a slam, a story, … and send it – together with your name and your phone number – to Lena Wassermeier until May 18: assistant-kigali@goethe.de

The maximum number of participants is 15. In case if more people are interested, participants will be selected based on their text

For more information,visit www.goethe.de/ins/rw


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