Apply to Rwanda Impact Evaluation Summer School (Fully funded)

Application deadline:May 31,2018

DIME is excited to announce a 9-day Impact Evaluation Summer School in August of 2018. We are offering this summer school as part of a partnership with the European Union, Rwanda’s Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources, and the University of Rwanda. The goal of the program is to bring together Rwanda’s brightest students and academics for this exciting training that we hope will serve as a launch pad for the next generation of Impact Evaluation (IE) practitioners and researchers.

Development Impact Evaluation (DIME) is a unit within the World Bank’s Research Group, with a mandate to generate high quality and operationally relevant impact evaluation (IE) research to transform development policy, help reduce extreme poverty, and secure shared prosperity.

Goals of the Impact Evaluation Summer School:

a. To provide participants with an introduction into the broad themes and key questions in applied microeconomic research

b. To understand how IEs can affect policy – learning from real-world examples

c. To introduce the important themes and empirical techniques at the heart of IE design

d. To enable participants to understand the building-blocks of successful IEs, and introduce the real-world challenges that practitioners encounter

e. To work on the process of data construction and analysis, and introduce participants to best practices in data management, including intensive STATA sessions

f. To offer participants an opportunity to learn from top researchers, and be connected to opportunities to gain practical experience in the field.

Eligibility criteria

Students who meet one of the following eligibility criteria are invited to apply:

  • Masters and PhD-level students who are currently admitted at the University of Rwanda
  • students who are expecting to graduate from a Masters or PHD program in the 2018 calendar year
  • students who have completed their Masters or PHD studies from the University of Rwanda in the 2017 calendar year.


The Impact Evaluation Summer School is fully funded for students who meet the eligibility criteria.

The summer school will take place in the Huye campus of the University of Rwanda. Selected participants will be provided with accommodation in the campus for the length of the program.Meals and coffee breaks will also be provided. In addition, selected participants will receive a small reimbursement to cover transport to and from the location of the summer school.

After completing the program, students will be invited to a panel of potential employers (local and regional research institutions and data-focused NGOs) where students can learn about opportunities to use their new IE skills, and the best performing students can be connected to internship opportunities.

How to apply

Please apply here. The deadline for applications is May 31 at midnight, Kigali-time

Please find a draft agenda for Rwanda Impact Evaluation Summer School and other relevant materials related to the program here:

About the course

Course Format:
The course will be a combination of lecture, group discussions and lab-style learning. Lectures will aim to cover the big-picture themes and concepts that are core the IE. These will be taught by Economists from the World Bank team and our academic partners from top research Universities in USA. The lectures will be supplemented by smaller-group lab sessions, where the focus will be to provide participants with one-on-one attention and guidance regarding data construction, management and analysis. These sessions will be led by WB/DIME Field Coordinators and Research Assistants who are working on ongoing Impact Evaluations. The goal will be to have 2 days of lectures followed by 1 week of lab sessions. In addition to the lectures, group discussions and labs, there will also be a 1 day ‘challenge’ session aimed at identifying the highest performing participants. The best male and female candidates across the program (both during the challenge session and throughout the course) will be given the opportunity of joining the DIME team, and partner organizations, as summer interns and applying the skills they have learnt on real-time IEs.
The proposed dates are August 13 and 14 for the lectures and August 16 – 23 for the lab sessions.
For more information,visit world Bank site


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