Duke University, USA and MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program have partnered to offer Undergraduate Scholarships to Sub-Saharan Africa Students – Duke University / MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program.

With a financial commitment of $13.5 million from The MasterCard Foundation, Duke will educate seven classes of five students — a total of 35 students — over 10 years. The MasterCard Foundation Scholars studying at Duke University have come from South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Mauritius, Zimbabwe and others.

The Duke University classes of 2016, 2017 and 2018 include fifteen of these outstanding scholars selected not only for their academic capabilities, but also for their desire to become change agents in Africa.


The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program at Duke is open to students from sub-Saharan Africa who demonstrate financial need, academic ability and merit, and demonstrated commitment to improving the lives of others in their communities.

Students apply to Duke first, and are then considered for The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program.


•Full scholarship and mentorship program.

•One of Duke’s great advantages for The MasterCard Foundation Scholars is the network of resources the university provides to scholars, their families, and students who are interested in the program.


By simply applying to Duke University all students from Africa will be considered for The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program based on academic talent, financial need, and interest in improving their communities. Please visit official website for application.

For more details,visit official website