When: Jan 16, 2018 at 6:00pm – 9:30pm EET
Where: Impact Hub Kigali, 34 KN 41 st, 2nd Floor & Rooftop at The Office Building, Kigali, Rwanda

About The Event

Are you an entrepreneur? a Professional? are you managing a company? or a Student? Would you like to make an impact in your working place or your company, are you planning to start a business? Would you like to know your industry challenges and learn business best practices?

We do understand you, remember you are not alone. That is why G5 Business Makers program brings to you for the first time the event “Meet the Professionals” where professionals, entrepreneurs, businesses and students connect to discuss, learn and solve business and industry challenges by coming up with best practices, networking, partnership for business growth.

How to register

Please visit the official website to register for this event.