Scholarships for women undergraduates in usa 2018

Scholarship Description

The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program seeks to ensure all children have access to quality, relevant, and inclusive education.

The U.N. recognized the Scholars Program as an innovative model for educating young people and encouraging citizenship.

As part of the Scholars Program, Wellesley College USA will provide nine (9) African women with comprehensive support that includes scholarships, mentoring, counseling, and internship opportunities.

This Program, in tandem with its carefully selected partners, will help promising young people build experiences, values, and competencies critical to success in the economy, such as critical thinking, problem solving, and working across diverse groups.


The MasterCard Foundation Scholars selected for the Program are:

  • Academically talented: They value learning, and are driven to complete their education.
  • Economically disadvantaged: They face significant barriers to accessing education.
  • Committed to giving back: They apply what they learn to improve their communities.
  • Future leaders: They are committed to embracing ethical leadership to improve the lives of others.

Women from all over the world come to Wellesley in pursuit of an outstanding university-level education.


The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program at Wellesley, a women’s college, goes beyond traditional scholarships. The holistic, four-year support includes:

  • Comprehensive scholarships: Support for tuition, fees, books and supplies, room and meal plan, and more.
  • 21st-century skills: Training in skill areas relevant to employment success.
  • Transition assistance: Mentoring, career counseling, leadership development, and other life-skills coaching
  • Internships and career opportunities: Access to job opportunities across the African continent
  • Give-back support: Experiential learning and opportunities for volunteerism and community service


All applicants to Wellesley, who apply for financial aid and meet the criteria for The MasterCard Foundation Scholarship Program, will be considered for the Scholarship. For more informations on application,visit Application webpage (Wellesley’s application)

  1. Take Standardized Tests and Submit Scores. All applicants are required to take the SAT Reasoning and two Subject Tests or the ACT with Writing.
  2. Wellesley also strongly recommend that students for whom English is a second language and who have been studying in an English-based curriculum for less than five years take the TOEFL.
  3. Complete and Submit the Common Application for Wellesley College (including the Wellesley-specific writing supplement).
  4. Submit Required Credentials. The deadlines for submitting credentials vary, depending upon the decision plan you choose.

For more details,visit Official website