About the program

Wecan Project is a nonprofit inspiring initiative created by 1000 Group Ltd that seeks to offer assistance, hope, opportunities and credible platforms to liberate and empower the underprivileged, disadvantaged and hard to reach persons in our society. Beneficiaries are any person or groups of persons with touching stories. The story can be a dream to achieve, a talent, heath assistance or any necessity not achieved because the owner was underprivileged and disadvantaged. Our mission is to recognize, help and support underprivileged individuals and groups who have made outstanding contributions to their communities and their dreams had ground to a half.


  1. The applicant must have a touching lives or apply for someone with touching lives
  2. Application is made in English or Kinyarwanda
  3. The story must be related to the poverty, health assistance, or a dream not achieved because you was living in underprivileged and disadvantaged situation.


Our beneficiaries will receive full support necessary to achieve their dreams.


Do you have or know someone with touching lives? It is time that your dream comes true! Registration is open to all individuals and you can submit your story or someone else story who is not able to access the registration process with the mentioned criteria’s.

Click the following link http://ideas.rw/fileupload/index.php to apply or visit www.ideas.rw, click on WECAN project and follow the instruction. For more information you can call +250728900929