Opportunity to study masters of sciences in tropical animal health in Belgium (Deadline: August 15,2018)

The Higher Education Council (HEC) wishes to convey to the general public that the Kingdom of Belgium has provided information on opportunities to study Masters of Science in Tropical Animal  Health (Belgium).

The joint MSTAH will be offered as a 2 year blended programme (combined web-based and face to face) and is designed to allow participants to combine work and study.

The Embassy of Kingdom Belgium in Kigali further notes that, some financial support is available on these opportunities.

Interested   candidates   should complete  the  online application form and relevant information available at: https://edu.itg.be/course

Please note :

  1. Deadline for online registration is 15 August
  2. All financial costs not mentioned in this offer will be covered by the candidates.

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About the Masters of science in tropical animal health

University: Institute of tropical Medecine Antwerp

The MSTAH will be offered as a 2-year blended programme (combined web-based and face-to-face) in collaboration with the Department of Veterinary Tropical Diseases of the University of Pretoria, South-Africa (UP). The programme is designed to allow participants to combine work and study (partially done from your home). It contains the following components: a compulsory field workshop, 4 compulsory online core modules, advanced modules that you can choose (to support your specific career path) and a dissertation.
Content: Following an integrated One Health approach, the programme focuses on: the relationships between infectious and parasitic diseases of animals and humans (zoonoses), diseases and ecosystem health in order to improve disease control strategies, ecosystem sustainability, food security and rural development. It will support the building of capacity to meet the challenges to the health of people, livestock and wildlife at such interfaces and at the same time building capacity that can influence the policy process to increase recognition and realization of the One Health concept when dealing with livestock, human and wildlife diseases in the tropics.
Audience: the MSTAH primarily aims to address an international audience:
– Involved in tropical livestock and wildlife health, management and production in support of rural development.
– Wishing to integrate the impact of the diseases and control activities on the local ecosystems in order to increase knowledge and effectiveness of control strategies.
  • Develop and/or improve strategies to control infectious and parasitic diseases of animals and humans (zoonoses) using a One Health conceptual approach.
  • Give recommendations on the control of tropical animal diseases and zoonoses.
  • Recognize and assess the economic and public health importance of animal health in Low and Middle Income Countries.
  • Define and apply the concepts and principles of field and laboratory diagnosis of infectious and parasitic diseases of livestock and wildlife including aspects of specimen collection and shipment, interpretation of laboratory results and basic laboratory management.
  • Explain and apply general epidemiological concepts, quantification of disease prevalence and incidence, sampling designs and basic statistics.
  • Plan and undertake a research project, collecting and analysing experimental and epidemiological data, scientific writing, and preparation and presenting of a research protocol.
  • Critically assess obtained results and literature.
  • Clearly communicate orally and in writing with professional and scientific audiences.
  • Effectively work in multidisciplinary teams.

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