Quentin Bryce Law Doctoral Scholarship 2019- University of Technology Sydney


Quentin Bryce Law Doctoral Scholarship 2019- University of Technology SydneyApply now for the Quentin Bryce Law Doctoral Scholarship . The scholarship will enable you to undertake your PhD in a faculty at University of Technology Sydney (UTS) which has a dynamic and vibrant research culture and to work with nationally and internationally recognised academic supervisors.

UTS is a dynamic and innovative university in central Sydney. One of Australia’s leading universities of technology, UTS has a distinct model of learning, strong research performance and a leading reputation for engagement with industry and the professions.


The scholarships are open to domestic and international students.

Applicants must have completed a Masters Degree by research or a Bachelor Degree with first class honours, or be regarded by the University as having an equivalent level of attainment.

For further information on the eligibility criteria, please see clause 1 of the Conditions of Award.

Value and duration

Benefits offered under the scholarships include:

  • a stipend of $40,000 per annum for 4 years
  • a research support fund of $1,500 per annum
  • paid holiday, sick, maternity, and parenting leave

Separate support may be available for international students to cover tuition fees.

Selection process

Scholarships will be awarded according to the following selection criteria:

  • academic merit of the applicant;
  • research and other relevant experience of the applicant;
  • publication record of the applicant;
  • quality of the research proposal; and,
  • relevance of the proposed research to the Faculty’s research strengths.

Doctoral Teaching Fellowship

Successful scholarship applicants may also be offered a Doctoral Teaching Fellowship which will provide an opportunity to gain valuable teaching experience in the Faculty of Law.

Doctoral Teaching Fellows will receive a salary of $25,000 per annum in addition to the QBLD scholarship, and be expected to teach 4 hours per week in both Autumn and Spring sessions.

Fellows will be appointed for a period of 12 months with an expectation that the Fellowship will be re-offered for two further 12 month periods, up to a maximum of 3 years.

Entitlement to continue as a Doctoral Teaching Fellow will be dependent upon the Fellow:

  • continuing to hold the Quentin Bryce Law Doctoral Scholarship;
  • meeting the ongoing eligibility requirements of the scholarship’s Conditions of Award (see Clause 2 of the Conditions of Award); and,
  • performing satisfactorily the duties of the Doctoral Teaching Fellowship.


Admission application deadline

Potential Quentin Bryce Scholarship applicants must first complete the faculty’s mandatory pre-assessment process to determine eligibility for the PhD program. Please see our pre-assessment information here.

Domestic Research Student admission application deadline

International Research Student admission application deadline

Please note that applicants must have completed pre-assessment and a formal application to the Graduate Research School by the appropriate deadline for their QBS application to be valid.

For more information,please visit https://www.uts.edu.au/research-and-teaching/our-research/law-research/research-opportunities/quentin-bryce


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