YESS Girls Movement call for applications 2019

The Youth Exchange South to South (YESS) Girls Movement, is a movement where African girls and young women leaders are given an opportunity to go, see, learn, practice for half an year and bring back what is done elsewhere in other countries other than their own; in turn bringing to their host organizations strengths and experiences from their home Associations.

By staying in a different country for half a year; and interacting with other participants and people, the girls and young women leaders are able to appreciate cultural diversity across Africa and beyond; hence strengthening their spirit of tolerance and respect for cultural differences between their own and other countries –a core attribute for any good leader.

The YESS Girls Movement was started by World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) in the year 2015 with the aim of reaching more girls in Africa and in turn increasing the WAGGGS membership come year 2030.

The program is run by the WAGGGS in partnership with FK Norway (Norway Fredskorpset) as it’s funders.

It started with only four countries participating in the program in 2015 and because of the impact it had on the lives of girls and young women, more young leaders were given the chance in 2016 which increased the number of participating countries from 4 to 9 countries having a total of 35 young women participating in the exchange this year.

We are now accepting applications for 2019 cohort. Before submitting your application, read carefully the criteria of selections. You have to:

  • Be an active girl guide between 18 – 24 years old

  • Be available from 5th January to 30th September 2019

  • This form is open from 20 August  – 17 September 2018

  • Fill out sections 1 – 4 ONLY

  • Type your responses with your computer or handwrite in BLOCK letters

  • Section 5 must be signed by your district commissioner

  • Section 6 must be signed by your parent/ guardian

  • Send back your filled form on and copy on not later than 17 September 2018

  • Bear in mind that this opportunity is equal to all girl guides, and the selection process will treat fairly all candidates.

If you are eligible then download the form here and apply.

For more information,please visit


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