10 Lucrative Small businesses you can start today


10 Lucrative Small businesses you can start todayWant to start a business but don’t have a lot of startup money? Then you’ll want to have a look at this list of Lucrative Small businesses you can start today with little investment.

1.Ecommerce Store Owner

If you have great products sitting on your shelves or you are an artist who designs and customizes items (like clothes or jewelry), you should start your own e-commerce store. Market your brand through Facebook, Instagram, and oth­er social media sites. Consider working with a fulfillment company. Make sure to set different shipping costs based on the locations of customers. The potential clientele is endless; you’ll be able to sell globally.

2. Video Blogger

Video has rapidly turned into a vital source of online communication. On platforms like Facebook Live, Instagram videos, Snapchat Stories, or YouTube videos, you can earn based on the number of views you have. A higher number of views leads to advertisements and profit. Create informative videos on trending topics which people are interested in knowing more about. Broadcast live or tape a video each week to maintain your followers’ interests.

3.Accessories designer 

If you have fashion knowledge and have patience to work small parts like beads and threads, make jewelry, greeting cards or decorative items. handcrafted items are treasured by the masses and will sell for a good price. make a profit from your ideas; sell them in boutiques and through your personal website. Attend local artisan fairs and set up a booth showcasing your handmade goods.

4.Bakery Owner

If you know the basics of baking, create healthy baking recipes that are low in carts and sugar. Make whole-wheat flour cookies, cakes, and cupcakes with delicious flavors from natural ingredients. Make your recipes healthier by using honey in­stead of sugar, replace butter with coconut oil or bananas, etc. Sell them at local farmers’ markets and request bakeries in your area to sell them in a split profit partnership.

5.Cleaning and Washing specialist

Start a cleaning and/or washing company from your place without any huge investment or special training. In­vest in higher-quality cleaning sprays. Offer attractive discount prices to get the buzz in the neighborhood about your business. You can expand the business over time by targeting corporate companies in the future and cleaning office spaces or department stores.

6.Interior Designer

Most of us have a creative side we have yet to tap into. Nowa­days, people will tend to hire professionals to decorate the interiors of their homes and offices. Start an interior design business if you have a solid understanding of how to properly establish a living space. Browse department stores in your area and note the quality and types of decorative pieces available, so you can make good recom­mendations to your clients.

7.Makeup Artist | Hairdresser

If you have experience working as a makeup artist or hairdresser, then start a salon. Offer discounted prices for combina­tion purchases (haircut + style + full makeup) and personal home visits to clients for events like weddings.. Connect with other artists in your area and get potential exposure.

8.Music Teacher

Your love for piano or gui­tar can lead to a viable income. Start teaching aspiring artists the craft of playing a musical Instruct them in proper etiquette, how to read music and count rhythms. Host a show a couple times a year and have all of your students present a song they learned. If you successfully train people, the business will start pouring in based on referrals.

9.Online Currency Trader

If you have a sound technical knowledge of the currency market and have a smartphone and laptop, then you can start your own online curren­cy trading business from the comfort of your home. As a currency trader, you will be respon­sible for setting prices and executing trades in the foreign exchange market on behalf of your clients, which may be banks, financial institu­tions, wealthy investors, etc.

10.Organic Farmer

You have land suitable for agriculture and a green thumb. Develop an organic farming business and start grow­ing 100% fresh fruits and vegetables (chemical and pesticide-free). Connect with local stores and partner with them to sell your produce.

Working on your own terms in the small business market will be a rewarding experience. Take control of your future plans and become your own boss. Work when you want and where you want. Consider these small business ideas that require little startup investment and launch a new career



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