Apply for 2019 KCB Igire scholarship programme


Apply for 2019 KCB Igire scholarship programmeIn an effort to equip the Rwandan youth for self-employment, KCB Bank Rwanda in partnership with the National Youth Council is offering an opportunity for the youth to acquire vocational skills through a Scholarship programme dubbed IGIRE. We are excited that you are applying for the IGIRE scholarship programme. Before completing the application form, please read the information below carefully.

Fill out the application form as clearly and as completely as possible. Only complete applications will be considered and admission into the programme is based on a competitive selection process. During submission of the application, candidates will be expected to come with completed application forms with passport size photo attached together with copies of National Identity card and certificate of their highest academic qualification. The candidates will also be expected to present originals of the above documents. Failure to produce these documents will lead to automatic disqualification.


The programme will cover the following courses:

1.Welding (Gusudira)

2.Culinary Art (Ubuhanga mu guteka)

3.Information & Communication Technology (Ikorana buhanga mu makuru n’itumanaho)

4.Motor Vehicle Mechanics (Ubukanishi bw’imodoka)

5.Tiling (Kubaka amakaro)

Scholarship Selection Criteria

Eligibility: To qualify for IGIRE scholarships all applicants must fulfill the criteria below:

1. Be a Rwandan youth aged between 18 and 30.

2. Be a resident of the district where the training will be given.

3. Have at least completed secondary school or twelve years’ basic education in the at least two years

4. Have not studied vocational training before.

5. Be unemployed and not in any other educational program.

6. Be available for a six-month TVET training program.

7. Be willing to refund 50% of school fees if you drop out of the program.

8. Provide a copy of your certificate of completion of secondary school or 12YBE.

9. Provide a copy of your ID card.

10. Have the capacity to cover food, transport or accommodation during the training.

11. Observe regulations about the training program.

12. Be willing to open a KCB Student Account once selected for the program.


The list below outlines the courses that shall be considered in awarding the scholarships. Please select only one course and the training institution based on the list provided on below. Please note that courses considered for the scholarship will not exceed 6 months of study.

IPRC Gishari Motor Vehicle Mechanics (Ubukanishi bw’imodoka) KCB Kayonza branch
IPRC East Culinary Art (Ubuhanga mu guteka) KCB Kayonza Branch
IPRC Kigali Information & Communication Technology

(Ikorana buhanga mu makuru n’itumanaho)

All KCB Kigali Branches
IPRC South Welding (Gusudira) KCB Huye Branch
IPRC East Tiling (Kubaka amakaro) KCB Kayonza Branch


Applicants for Igire scholarship programme will be given equal opportunity and shall not be discriminated on the basis of disability, gender, regional, religious and ethnic background. Again fill the form here.

Interested youth who meet the following criteria are encouraged to apply.

Deadline for application is Tuesday, 12th March 2019.

For more information,please visit


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