5 Tips to stay relevant in changing times


5 Tips to stay relevant in changing timesAs things and systems are constantly becoming outdated, apply these tips to rise above

1.Learn foreign languages

Languages help you understand other cultures and world visions. In our globalized world, this would be a valuable asset. Besides that, you can also flaunt this new beautiful Language that you’ve mastered to your friends. Some on-demand languages are Mandalin, Arabic, Spanish and German

2. Constantly upskill

Acquiring new skills may be pricey but It doesn’t have to be. Consider teaching yourself a thing or two. With a quick search online, you can find free tutorials on anything from knitting to coding.

3. Work on your communication

Being the best person would mean nothing if you can’t carry yourself in a conversation.
The key to effective communication is to make sure your message is received well by your

4. Get comfy with tech

Now we’re not saying you should ditch those books but the truth is the world has gone digital. If you have a field of study in mind, Its best to get acquainted with a new technology In your industry.

5. Adopt disruptive thinking

Disruptive thinking sounds counterproductive but Its really not. What it means to be a disruptive thinker is to challenge norms and be bold in risk-taking. All these are necessary to come up with unique and new solutions.

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