The African Wildlife Foundation and Jackson Wild are pleased to bring to Rwanda the African Conservation Voices Media Lab, which aims to provide mentorship, training and resources to early/mid-career African video storytellers who have a demonstrated interest in conservation.

Jackson Wild believes in the power of media to inspire wonder for our living planet and ignite action to restore and protect it through high-impact collaboration. Stories connect us to the planet and to each other, and it’s critical to amplify local voices that bear witness to unique and authentic stories that represent diverse perspectives and accelerate purpose-driven and sustainable global change.

AWF acknowledges that Africans better understand the continent’s needs, and are best poised to tell stories that drive African-led solutions to current conservation challenges. We believe that engaging new voices will help to ensure the continued survival of Africa’s magnificent natural resources and wildlife at this very critical moment in history.

African Conservation Voices offers participants the opportunity to further develop effective tools and skills to communicate through digital storytelling. Mentored by experienced filmmakers and conservation professionals, participants will hone their storytelling skills, first during virtual sessions focused on the process of story development and pre-production, followed by a hands-on field workshop to produce, film and edit short videos that creatively and engagingly convey conservation stories. The ideal candidate will have some experience in video production and post production.

Program mentors will be selected from a pool of talented, experienced and successful video storytellers worldwide drawing on Jackson Wild’s deep connections within the nature and conservation media community.

The curriculum will focus on pre-production skills, including development of a compelling story arc, character development, treatment writing and visual storytelling and style, as well as discussion of various conservation models, challenges and solutions.

Following those workshops, participants will be invited to an in-person field production workshop to be held at Volcanoes National Park in early 2022.

In addition, participants will be eligible for future AWF production and development grants, and may be selected to attend the 2022 Jackson Wild Summit, with expenses to be covered by the African Conservation Voices initiative.

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