Alfred Friendly Press Partners Fellowship 2019 for Journalists from Developing Countries


Alfred Friendly Press Partners Fellowship invites Print, broadcast and online journalists from developing countries for an annual program that brings journalists to American newsrooms.

The Alfred Friendly Press Fellowships are aimed at providing fellows with experience in reporting, writing and editing that will enhance future professional performance; transferring knowledge gained during the program to colleagues at home; and fostering ties between journalists in the United States and other countries.


To be eligible, candidates must be:

  • Early-career professional journalists from developing countries with proficiency in English
    25-35 years old
  • have at least three years of experience as a journalist at a print, online or broadcast media outlet.
  • Participants who work as staff reporters in their host newsrooms are required to develop training plans that they implement when they return to their home newsrooms. ​

Value of Program: Fellows receive travel, health insurance and basic living expenses.

Duration of Program: 6 months.The ​all-inclusive ​fellowship starts in mid-March and ends in early September.

How to Apply: 

APPLY HERE (general fellowship)

APPLY HERE (Daniel Pearl Fellowship)


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