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An Australia Awards Short Course is a training and professional development opportunity funded by the Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Short courses are available for professionals in specialised fields from eligible African countries.

The short courses strengthen the professional capacity and leadership skills of participants, enabling them to contribute more effectively to development in their home countries.

Why Australia Awards?

On the global stage, Australian higher education is recognised for its high quality. Australia is home to prestigious, research-led universities, many of which rank among the best in the world. Australia Awards university partners leverage their international research and teaching expertise to design and deliver contemporary and relevant professional training that responds to development needs in Africa.

Short courses form an integral part of Australia’s development assistance to Africa. The courses help to build critical skills, knowledge and networks while supporting a range of strategic foreign policy, economic diplomacy and development objectives across key sectors.

Postgraduate training, from an Australian institution, garners international recognition and strengthens the participants’ ability to drive change and development in their countries and regions.

Benefits of an Australia Awards

For eligible mid-career professionals who receive a short course the following benefits will generally apply:
• Australian educational experience
• Fully paid tuition fees
• Fully paid economy class travel to and from their home country to the course delivery location(s)
• Fully paid visa expenses
• A contribution to living expenses for the duration of the course
• Fully paid accommodation for the duration of the course
• Fully paid medical insurance for the duration of the course
• Adjustment support for women and people with disabilities, if required
• The opportunity to develop and maintain global links with Australians and other Africans
• The opportunity to join a prestigious alumni network after the short course
• Continued professional development after completing the award.


Eligible countries

Citizens from the following countries are eligible to apply for Australia Awards Short Course:

• Botswana
• Cameroon
• Cote d’Ivoire
• Ethiopia*
• Ghana
• Kenya
• Madagascar
• Malawi
• Mauritius

• Mozambique
• Namibia
• Nigeria
• Rwanda*
• Senegal
• Somalia*
• South Africa
• South Sudan*
• Tanzania
• Uganda
• Zambia
• Zimbabwe

*Only eligible for in-Africa short course.

Are you interested in applying for an Australia Awards Short Course? To be considered, you must meet the following requirements:
• Your minimum academic qualification is at least a four year bachelor’s degree or equivalent (as indicated in the relevant country’s requirements)
• You are a mid-career professional, currently employed in a relevant field and sector
• You meet relevant post-graduate work experience requirements (as indicated in the relevant country’s requirements)
• You can demonstrate a clear vision of how the knowledge and skills you will gain, through the short course, will be used to drive policy reform and improve practice in your home country
• Your English proficiency is sufficient to enable full participation in a training course delivered in English
• You meet all the requirements of the Australian Government for the appropriate student visa (subclass 500), for short courses delivered in Australia.

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For more information on Australia Awards Short Courses, please see the links below:

Apply today for your opportunity to receive world-class training and become a leader of development. Make a difference with an Australia Awards Short Course

Applications are open from 1 October 2019 to 17 January 2020

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  1. I am Alemu lakew from Ethiopia , am currently engaged on in Agricultural research center, as a researcher so i need short term training of Australia in Agriculture, therefore, please consider me saying it from the bottom of my heart.


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