Apply now !! TVET Youth Challenge competition 2019


The Government of Rwanda aspires to reach the upper middle-income status by 2035 that will require intense improvements in both the size and the quality of human capital. Youth empowerment is one of the fastest approach to ensure a sustainable and qualified human capital.

The Government of Rwanda has reinforced its education system by establishing TVET schools to develop practical knowledge based curriculums to create solution makers for community challenges and an upskilled workforce for the private sector.

The TVET Youth Challenge is introduced to support the match between students’ practical knowledge with on ground challenges. Set as a competition, the TVET challenge will be conducted in all higher learning TVET schools, selecting outstanding innovative applicable projects that are at least on prototype phase.

The overall objective for organizing the TVET Youth Challenge competition is to instill entrepreneurship spirit among students and support promising projects as well as connecting practical studies acquired in solving problems in our communities.

The competition will be conducted in a way that promotes TVET students’ projects and viable prototypes to the next level of producing concrete solutions as well as generate revenues.

Eligibility criteria

Being Rwandan with 16-30 yrs old;

Enrolled under a recognized TVET higher learning school in Rwanda;

Having a running project or have a proven feasible prototype that is embedded with technologies that modernize agriculture, health, trade, tourism, governance, and business or service systems among others;

Having demonstrated entrepreneurship eagerness and commitment to develop presented project beyond the education system.

Application is open from 27/05 to 07/06/2019.

Application forms are available at all eligible TVET higher learning institutions.


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