Apply to be a CorpsAfrica Volunteer in Rwanda


CorpsAfrica Volunteer in RwandaApplication to be a CorpsAfrica Volunteer in Rwanda

Thank you for your interest in serving as a CorpsAfrica Volunteer in Rwanda. 

Please read the description and questions carefully and answer fully and honestly. 

We look forward to receiving your application. 

Basic Requirement for All Applicants

To be eligible for service, you must be a citizen of Rwanda or have successfully completed CorpsAfrica service in another country.

Mission of CorpsAfrica

CorpsAfrica provides Africans the opportunity to serve as volunteers for ten months in a rural, high-poverty community to help local people find and implement solutions to poverty at the community level, along the lines of the Peace Corps model.

Basic Description of CorpsAfrica Service

CorpsAfrica Volunteers train for approximately one month and then serve for ten months in a community chosen for its perceived need, existence of local partners and essential infrastructure, location, and other criteria. The Volunteer dedicates his/her time to living and working with local people to identify an area of concern for the community, design a solution to address the concern, implement the solution with local partners, and monitor and evaluate the results. To achieve this, CorpsAfrica Volunteers receive professional training before and during their service, support from CorpsAfrica staff (both nationally and internationally), a modest living allowance, health insurance, and a readjustment allowance upon successful completion of the program. Volunteers are required to submit reports and make presentations regularly.

General Expectations of a CorpsAfrica Volunteer

• Commit to working in a high-poverty community in Rwanda to improve the quality of life of the community

• Serve where CorpsAfrica asks you to go, under conditions of hardship, if necessary

• Recognize that your success is based on building trust and confidence with your host community

• Recognize that you are responsible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your personal conduct and professional performance

• Engage with host community partners in a spirit of cooperation, mutual learning, and respect

• Exercise good judgment and personal responsibility to protect your health, safety, and well-being

Essential Requirements for Applying to be a CorpsAfrica Volunteer

• 21 years of age or older at the time of the start of your service

• A university degree or equivalent professional experience

• No record of criminal activity that would demonstrate unsuitability for CorpsAfrica service

• No conflict of interest that would interfere with duties and responsibilities

Successful Applicants May Also Have the Following Abilities and Experiences

• Experience with work in the social sector (e.g. as a member/volunteer/leader of an association)

• Specific skills and expertise in one or more of the following: crop diversity, irrigation, forestry, WASH, agribusiness, or other agriculture related activities

• Experience with managing a personal and/or organizational budget

• Experience with designing, implementing, and monitoring new projects

• Strong presentation/facilitation skills

CorpsAfrica Volunteers Receive the Following Before and During Service:

• Expert pre-service and in-service training from development and management professionals

• A modest living allowance adequate to support the Volunteer in his/her site and health insurance

• Travel funds for official CorpsAfrica business

CorpsAfrica Volunteers Will Receive the Following upon Successful Completion of Service:

• An end-of-service readjustment allowance

• Certificate of completion

• Letter of recommendation

Application steps:

  1. Complete the following application, including all required fields
  2. Upload any required documents


The deadline for applications is 23:59 on Friday, May 3, 2019. Training is scheduled to begin on or around August 1, 2019. Service is expected to last through June 30, 2020 (unless permission is granted for a different date).


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