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Creative Hubs Academy in East AfricaThe British CouncilHivos and Nesta are collaborating to launch Creative Hubs Academy in East Africa, a new learning programme for leaders of creative hubs that serve communities in the fields of creative, digital and social innovation. Creative hubs are physical or virtual spaces for creative and social entrepreneurs to connect and support one another while developing their ideas and businesses in a nurturing environment.

The programme has been designed through research and workshops to help hub leaders gain new skills and insights to help them shape and grow their hub offers.

This programme; Creative Hubs Academy brings together a global network of hub leaders together and enables them to exchange ideas, share their experiences and learn from each other.

There are three core activities in this programme. The first activity is a capacity building workshop where leaders of the Hub will receive materials, network with other Hub Leaders, and share solutions of the challenges they have been facing with the facilitators and guest speakers. The second activity is Learning in Action, where leaders of the Hub will receive a fellowship to put their plan—a result of the learning process at the workshop—to action. Through this phase, a number of mentors and facilitators will constantly guide the leaders of the Hub. In the last activity, the leaders of the Hub will be invited back to participate in a Coaching Retreat where they will reflect the whole process of learning.

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This programme is available for creative entrepreneurs 18-35 engaged in hub spices from Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda to be part of the programme.

Types of hubs are not limited to and can include:

Art hub, Collective of artists/creatives, Studio, Design space/hub, Coworking space, Production house,  Hackerspace, Makerspace ,Incubator, Accelerator, Talent management agency


The Creative Enterprise Hubs Academy Programme is designed to support entrepreneurs who are already in the process of setting up their own creative hub. The workshop content and activities are relevant to people whose businesses are up-and-running and those who are in the very early stages.

Why apply?

As part of the Hubs Academy programme the selected participants will receive bespoke mentoring and coaching on business development, financing and innovation management delivered both face-to-face and remotely. The coaching and mentoring programme will set up a sector-specific business plan for the hubs including a follow on coaching retreat (May 2020)

  • 27 August 2019: application window opens for participants (three weeks)
  • 15 September 2019: application window closes for participants
  • 26 – 27 September 2019: successful applicants notified and informed of travel requirements and information.
  • 6th November 2019: Induction Webinar for Hubs Academy Participants
  • 24th- 27th November 2019: Hubs Academy workshop takes place, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Dec –  May 2020: Action Learning
  • May 2020: Coaching Retreat
About the Hubs Academy Programme

The program provides a structured and supportive learning environment that focuses on three essential skills development areas that are identified through research with creative hubs as keys to success for hub leaders. These are:


Strong leadership is central to sustaining any kind of successful hub, and great hub leaders create opportunities, mobilise resources, and demonstrate value to their teams and audience.

Examples of this might be uniting a creative community, increasing the diversity of their hub’s users, or bringing new skills into their team.


Managing a hub involves testing ideas and systematically improving them. It’s also critical to closely link planning and delivery with vision and strategy. Great hub leaders are flexible, resourceful and opportunistic, and possess tenacity and dedication.

Examples of this might include brokering new collaborations, developing new offers for their hub, or pooling resources.


Hub leaders connect creative practice with business and audiences. Great hub leaders engage diverse stakeholders, generate multiple incomes from varied sources, and seize opportunities.

Examples of this might include conducting research to understand their community needs or curating content to increase the visibility of their work.

About the Hubs Academy Programme

The Creative Hubs Academy program consists of three parts:

1. three-day workshop;

2. learning in action back at their hubs;

3. and a two-day coaching retreat – all led by an experienced creative professional and learning facilitator.

 What’s next?

The Academy started its first full program with 25 hub leaders in Indonesia in June 2019. Brazil, East Africa and Southern Africa will follow later in 2019. With our partners, we plan to test different co-facilitation models at the workshops and retreats throughout the year, involving UK and local facilitators, hub leaders and delivery partners who can contribute to the learning program and build a legacy for the future.


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