Best young entrepreneurs in Eastern Province awarded with cash prizes


Best young entrepreneurs in Eastern Province awarded with cash prizesTop four young entrepreneurs in Eastern Province have yesterday won cash prizes ranging from One million and One million five hundred thousand Rwandan Francs in YouthConnekt Awards competitions to boost their businesses.

Organised by the Ministry of Youth in partnership with the Korea International Cooperation Agency, United Nations Development Programme and others, YouthConnekt Awards aim at increasing entrepreneurship skills and capabilities towards job creation.

As usual, the YouthConnekt Awards started at sector level and contestants were divised in four categories namely; agribusiness, manufacturing, Information and Communications Technology (ICT), handcraft and services delivery., a project owned by Umuhesha Group, that link employers who need home maids and jobseekers, from the category of ICT, has emerged overall winner and go home with a check of Frw 1,5 million.

CCE Business Group, a company owned by three young people that invested in chili farming and processing has been the first overall runner up and winner in the category of Agribusiness, which enabled them to get one million Rwandan francs as a prize.

The second overall runner up and winner in the category of handcraft and services delivery has been the East African Business support Ltd, a company owned by Matata Christophe, which deals with ensuring safety of cross border vehicles that use the corridor of Rusumo-Kigali.

Umurava Carpentry Kayonza Cooperative that manufactures nursery education equipment from woods emerged the third overall runner up and the winner in the category of manufacturing. The cooperative has received a check of One million Rwandan francs.

Changes in YouthConnekt Awards 2019

The Ministry of Youth and partners amended a number of things in the YouthConnekt Awards 2019 competitions compared to the previous editions from number of participants to awards.

The number of participants in the Boot Camp has increased from 90 to 150 young entrepreneurs. This year, four young entrepreneurs per province will be awarded with cash prizes, while the number of awardees at the national level will increase from 30 to 50.

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