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Business Systems Analyst – Intern



HEXAKOMB Ltd. is a holistic IT solutions company based in Rwanda. We develop innovative web and mobile software applications.

Description, duties, responsibilities

Hexakomb LTD is a software and IT consulting company based in Kigali, Rwanda. We are searching for a Systems Analyst to join our growing staff. We’re looking for a highly efficient, organized, responsive, and knowledgeable professional with systems analysis experience and the ability to respond to communicate in English effectively. If you enjoy learning new things and finding new was to do this better with IT, we want to hear from you.

Responsibilities and duties:

Attends work on a regular and predictable schedule in accordance with company leave policy and performs other duties as assigned.

(35%) Participates in system development activities (i.e.: analysis, design, develop, implement) to meet business. Analyzes business process requirements and prepares detailed structured data flow analysis diagrams, verification of procedures, and database entity relationship diagrams to satisfy new software demands. Develops and maintains functional and technical specifications via the preparation of detailed flowcharts, tables, reports and other descriptive materials necessary for coding, testing and documenting systems. Documents all system development activities in accordance with Software Development Lifecycle and Project Management guidelines. Schedules work and assists supervisory personnel in assignment of tasks.

(35%) Responsible for requirements gathering, testing, and supporting applications to meet customer needs. Rigorous testing includes coordination with the technical support staff for integration testing to ensure quality products before distribution. Product support includes analyzing production problems as described by the customer, systems analyst, and/or customer support staff, problem solving to keep the customer’s applications operational and ongoing maintenance and enhancements to software. Ensures that the system or product is successfully installed and that customers are adequately trained in their use. Assists trainers and technical support staff in the successful implementation of new software systems. Trains IT staff in new methods and procedures.

(15%) Evaluates existing and proposed computer applications to verify business requirements, system requirements, and equipment configurations are taken into account. Analyzes complex business processes, equipment, and techniques for applicability, reliability, efficiency, speed, cost, flexibility, and meeting customer needs.

(10%) Uses initiative and independent judgment on an on-going basis to identify needs and opportunities and in the development of plans and budgets that describe the objectives and the resources required to meet these needs and objectives. Provides solution to difficult problems and guidance to less experienced coworkers.

(5%) Other duties as assigned include but are not limited to actively participating and/or serving in a supporting role to meet the company obligations.

Qualifications and skills:

Intermediate level Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint skills

Ability to speak and write in English with proper grammar

Understanding of Software Development Lifecycle

Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Management Information system or related.

How to apply

Apply online at https://work.rw/hexakomb_ltd/job/rwanda/kigali/business-systems-analyst—intern/311


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