Call for Concepts: Nutrition SBCC Innovation


Nutrition SBCC Innovation

 Call for Concepts


Gikuriro is a 5-year (Nov 10, 2015- Nov 9, 2020) USAID-funded program focusing on behavior change, capacity building and nutrition and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) service delivery. The program is implemented through a consortium of two international agencies: Catholic Relief Services (CRS) who is the prime, and SNV, the Netherlands Development Organization as sub-recipient. The Gikuriro program works through decentralized Government of Rwanda (GoR) systems and structures and is aligned with USAID’s Multi-Sectoral Nutrition Strategy to improve nutrition to save lives, build resilience, increase economic productivity, and advance development.

In line with the National Social and Behaviour Change Communication (SBCC) strategy and to complement the existing and newly revised SBCC materials particularly on complementary feeding (CF), Catholic Relief Services (CRS) through the USAID funded Gikuriro is collaborating with Three Stones International to develop additional evidence-based tools to promote positive behaviors.

The tools will focus on the development of nudge prototypes to support optimal complementary feeing (CF) and unique communication materials to improve practices around minimum acceptable diet and meal frequency for children under two. Guided by CRS, Three Stones will coordinate the process which will be undertaken in a consultative manner with NECDP, RBC, RHCC and USAID to ensure alignment with national priorities.

Nutrition “Nudges” can be described as default choices or reminders that make one choice more likely than another.  An example of a nutrition nudge is a “Healthy Eating Plate” guide showing optimal portions of each food group recommended for healthy meals as a nudge to include four food groups in each meal.

The Challenge:

Positive mid-term evaluation results show gains in knowledge for CF practices of Gikuriro program mothers.  While knowledge has been improved, optimal infant and young child feeding practices remain low.  Identifying sustainable and scalable solutions to improve CF practices requires unique and innovative interventions to elicit long-term behavior change.

This call for SBCC innovations seeks to identify and test unique, affordable and sustainable solutions to improve diverse diets and meal frequency for children 6 – 23 months of age.  The concept should utilize innovative nudges or reminders targeting communities, parents and caregivers of children 6 – 23 months old to contribute towards the fight against malnutrition and stunting.


  1. What affordable innovate idea or tool can be used to remind communities/ parents/ caregivers to feed their children from 6 months old complementary foods at least two times a day in addition to breastfeeding?
  1. What affordable innovative idea or tool can be used to remind communities/ parents/ caregivers to feed their child from 6 months old a diverse diet with foods from at least four food groups each day?

Eligibility criteria:

This call for concepts is open to individuals who have experience and understanding of the Rwandan context in relation to MIYCN.  These individuals should be available and willing to work with the Three Stones team for concept development and testing, through to validation from August – October 2019

Application Process:

  • Applications will be reviewed through Concept Note Application and/ or presentation through the In-Office Ideation Session
  • In-Office Ideation/ Feedback session is an open session for interested applicants to meet the team at Three Stones International and raise questions, seek further understanding and assistance to refining ideas for Concept Note submission.





24 July 2019

Call for Concepts opens

Application Form can be found online or requested via email or Whatsapp

24 July 2019

Hotline open for calls and WhatsApp messages

Send WhatsApp to be included in Group


Jean Claude Gasangwa

WhatsApp hotline to be included in Gikuriro Nudge Innovations Group

30 July 2019

Ideation and Feedback Session

Time:           1000 – 1600


Three Stones International Rwanda

2nd Floor, Umoja House Building/ Deloitte

KN 3rd Rd, Imihigo Myiza Village

Ubumwe Cell, Muhima Sector

Nyarugenge District


Phone number: +250783073007


Email address:

7 Aug 2019

Deadline for Submission of Concept Note

Submission accepted via Email or in person at the address above

9 Aug 2019

Announcement of 5 shortlisted candidates

Announcement will be made personally to individuals and posted on social media platforms

16 Aug


Design workshop for 5 shortlisted candidates

Venue to be announced and will take place in Kigali

23 Aug 2019

Final selection of 2 finalist

Announcement will be made personally to individuals and posted on social media platforms

26 Aug – 30 Sept



Selected finalists will work together with the team to further develop and refine their concept and prepare for testing and pilot.


For development and further refinement of original ideas and innovations for testing and scale-up, two (2) finalists will be awarded the following:

  • Internship opportunity with Three Stones International which involves participation in the further development of concept including piloting and testing of a concept
  • Provision of a monthly internship stipend
  • Professional development and networking with nutrition experts at the national level
  • Mentorship provided by Three Stones senior nutrition and health specialists
  • Entry into Three Stones database for future job opportunities
  • A certificate acknowledging the contribution to the Gikuriro program

How to Apply

There are many ways in which you can engage Three Stones to seek more information and register your interest for this Call for Concepts:

  1. Send an email, WhatsApp, Social Media Message or handwritten Expression of Interest to Three Stones
  2. Call the hotline for more information and register your interest
  3. Attend the In-Office Ideation Session

Final submission:

  • Final concepts will be received up until the deadline of August 7th, 2019
  • Fill in the Concept Note Application form and submit via email or hand deliver to Three Stones by 5 pm August 7th.

Evaluation criteria:

  • Concept innovation
  • Development impact
  • Scalability and Sustainability
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Utilizing locally sourced materials
  • Child- friendly and safe for use by the target audience
  • Special consideration will be given to concepts which address cross-cutting objectives of gender equality, inclusive development and accessibility (disability, usability for marginalized, hard to reach or at-risk populations).

Submit a Concept/ Proposal with the following information: (English or Kinyarwanda accepted)

Applicant Details


Full name (Surname, First Name)






____ Female

____ Male

National Identification Number

Nimero y’indangamuntu


Aho ubarizwa

Sector/ Umurenge:

District/ Akarere:

Province/ Intara:

Telephone Number:

Nomero ya telefoni


Description of Innovation

Umwirondoro w’umushinga

Clearly describe your innovation by answering the following:

Sobanura umushinga wawe wifashishije ibibazo bikurikira

Describe the innovation (in less than 200 words, and where applicable, attach separate diagram or image)

Sobanura ibijyanye n’umushinga wawe (mu magambo atarenze 200, ahari ngombwa utange ibishushanyo kumugereka)

Where did your idea come from (less than 100 words)

Sobanura intangiriro y’igitekerezo (mu magambo atarenze 100)

What theme will your innovation solve?  State how the households will benefit from your innovation (in less than 300 words)

Ni ikihe kibazo umushinga uzakemura? Sobanura uko uyu mushinga wafasha abanyarwanda (mu magambo atarenze 300)

List what locally sources materials, if any, are being used

Ibikoresho bijyanye n’uyu mushinga ni ibihe kandi bituruka he?

Describe why the innovation child- friendly and safe?

Estimated Budget? Materials/ Fabrication costs/ Administrative costs/ etc.

Bije? Aho bishoboka, tanga urukurikarane rw’ibikenewe mu gutegura umushinga n’amafaranga bizatwara

Evaluation Criteria


Marks (out of 100)

Description of the innovation and how it will work


Where did you get the idea from (Originality/ innovativeness/ uniqueness of the idea)


What materials will you use to make your innovation and indicate the source of the materials


What problem in your community will your innovation solve (Relevance to Themes)


Who will benefit from your innovation? (Impact)


Is the innovation child- friendly and safe?


Clarity of presentation of the concept/ proposal


Budget Estimate (Is it realistic?)



Download Call for Concepts – Application Format


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