a. Background/context for required services/results

Digital technologies have enormous potential for women’s empowerment, job creation and access to several services including access to information, education and health services, networking among others. Yet a lack of access to technology and technical training, autonomy, and adequate infrastructure (often coupled with the high costs of connectivity) prevent many women from fully benefiting from the use of digital technologies, which is commonly referred to as the “gender digital divide”.

The Government of Rwanda (GoR) ratified several international instruments providing for gender equality such as the Convention on the Eradication of All forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), UN security council resolution 1325 and 1820 on women, peace, and security (2008), Sustainable Development Goals, the Maputo protocol (2003) among others.

Furthermore, the Government of Rwanda put in place several initiatives to support youth entrepreneurship and job creation, focusing on strengthening youth entrepreneurship, access to finance, skills development, and access to technology. UN Women has supported the government in the development of the gender mainstreaming strategy for employment sector (2018-2024) to promote gender sensitive employment and aims to bridge the gender gap in the employment sector.

Young women are reaching higher levels of education in urban areas, but are not getting employed because, they lack the practical skills to secure or perform on the available jobs. Women need more capacity building and job readiness skills to start businesses, access financing, or successfully compete on the job market and as well as creating businesses.

Therefore, development of soft skills is important for women and girls so that they are able to compete for descent jobs and foster self-esteem, decision-making, negotiation skills, and perseverance and actively participate in national development.

It is in this framework that UN Women is recruiting an organization highly specialized in developing and honing new skills including digital literacy skills or STEM, employability skills, entrepreneurship, mentorship and leadership skills for young women and girls from vulnerable backgrounds to be able to contribute to today’s workforce and meet the labour market demands.

b. General overview of services required/results

UN Women Rwanda Country Office seeks potential Implementing Partners/Responsible Parties to equip young women and girls with skills in digital literacy, STEM; and entrepreneurship, Leadership and mentorship and ensuring they have pathways to employment after the program.

2. Description of required services/results

The proposed interventions must contribute to the following outcome: “Young people in Rwanda have increased access to decent jobs” Under the One UN Youth Joint Programme, UN Women is seeking an Implementing partner


• Empower young women and girls in digital literacy and STEM (Science, technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and

• Empower young women and girls in Entrepreneurship and Leadership, Effective communication, and mentorship.

3. Timeframe: Start date and end date for completion of required services/results

The concept note must be inscribed within the duration of this activity that is 6 months starting from 26 May 2022 up to 26 November 2022, including 3 months of training and 3 months of the apprenticeship program, placement and/or advanced training after graduation.

4. Mode of application

All interested and qualified Civil Society Organizations/ Non-Governmental Organizations may download the detailed Call For Proposals (CFP) at ………………………………. and are requested to submit all required documents to rwanda.offers@unwomen.org not later than 19th MAY 2022 at 23:59 Kigali time. Only pre-selected candidates will be notified.

Please download CFP Letter for Implementing Partners here >>>