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Now you have a great opportunity to get personal International business consultants from some of the best consulting firms and business professionals around the globe for FREE

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Grow Movement is a UK based organization founded 10 years ago with operations in Africa and Asia.

As the whole world moves virtual due to the Covid-19 crisis, we have 10 years of experience working virtually around the world. Grow Movement alleviates poverty and promotes economic development by supporting strong entrepreneurs and leaders to build strong businesses that transform their economies. In today’s world of borders closed by diseases and division, where coronavirus and climate change hit the world hard, Grow Movement’s task is ever more urgent.

Grow Movement partners with the top international business professionals from some of the best cooperate companies and consulting management firms like Linklaters and other individual private consultants around the world leveraging global skills, experience, resources, and networks to build opportunity for entrepreneurs across continents.


To be enrolled in Grow’s virtual consulting program you have to be:

  • A Rwandan entrepreneur with existing business operations.
  • Available during the agreed time with your volunteer consultant according to the action plan you and the consultant will agree on.
  • A principled leader who; keeps time, a good communicator, completes assignments projects, committed to your business, you are available to work and attend weekly or bi-weekly sessions with a consultant(s) attached to you for 3-5 months.
  • Committed to completing all the sessions with your consultant(s) in any circumstances including the country Time-zone differences.
  • Able to access the internet and a mobile phone.
  • Having a positive mind and problem-solving capabilities.
  • Ready to share your impact experience to the world after the program.

After applying to Grow Movement, you will be interviewed by INSPIRE DREAMS & STARTUPS, a Grow local partner. Once selected, you will be matched to a Grow volunteer consultant. Your volunteer consultant will be an experienced business professional and they could be based anywhere in the world! Both English and French Speaker are encouraged to Apply.

Application form here:


Need more information about the Grow Movement and about the opportunity? Do not hesitate to contact us via / or call/Text/WhatsApp us on + 250781822600/ +44 (0) 7943592369


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