A career in interior designing : Courses & Job opportunities


A career in interior designing : Courses & Job opportunitiesCreativity, houses, rooms, furniture, wallpaper, imagination — these are just some of the words that pop in your mind when you think of an interior designer. Picking nice furniture and topping them with accessories, painting the walls and matching up everything according to a theme, with an end result Looking straight from a home magazine cover—do they sound Like a dream job for you? If these are the things you envision yourself doing, then a Life as an interior designer seems like your perfect career.

What is the interior design?

Interior design can be divided into two categories: Interior designer and interior decorator. Interior designers create the entire space. Things such as safety and good Living environment are things they need to take into consideration. To become an interior designer, you must have a clear under­standing of functionality, safety, and accessibility. Making scale plans and doing material selec­tion are essential skills interior designers should have, They usually work after a renovation or once a new house or building is built.

On the other hand, an interior decorator designs already existing spaces and adds decorative elements to it, You could think about re-arranging someone’s house. This person focuses on the style and types of furniture and colors. To become an interior decorator, education is not needed, this could be done as a hobby. However, certificate programs are available in interior decorating.

The course

To become an interior designer. you must get a degree in interior design or architecture. This course takes about three to four years to be completed.

For your application, you must prepare a portfolio. Although not all universities will ask for this, it is always smart to have one prepared to show your drawing skills_ Furthermore, you must have completed your high school with art preferably, If you are applying for an English-speaking university and English is not your first Language, you must have an IELTS result with a minimum of 6.0.

After graduating

After you graduate, you can choose to keep on studying for a master’s degree, and after that a doctorate degree to reach a higher level of professionalism. You can also choose to work after obtaining your bachelor’s degree.

The job opportunities vary, you can work for an entrepreneur but you can also start up your own business.

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Job opportunities & Alternate Career Options

During the interior design program, the focus will be mainly on the following jobs:

  • Interior and spatial designer
  • Exhibition designer
  • Production designer Theatre/TV/Film
  • Visual Merchandiser

But the knowledge they teach you during the program might be useful for the jobs below

  • Architect
  • Architectural Technologist
  • Furniture designer
  • Graphic designer
  • Industrial/product designer/Textile designer


Flow much money an interior designer makes depends on a few factors: the city (big city or small town), sort of building (room, house, governmental building). experience’ and talent.

A last note

To sum it all up, interior design is a lot more than decorating an interior. It has more technical aspects and there are more factors to take in consideration like safety and accessibility.

You need to be well-educated and it may be harder than you think. However, if you are very passionate about your job you can become very successful. Maybe one day the interior you have designed will end up in a magazine, too



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