Career opportunities for students and recent graduates (Apply ASAP)

BAG Innovation Interviews
Are you interested in joining the BAG Program? This week we are having a Training and a chance to meet our Talent Managers and interview for your next career adventure. The topics of the training are the following:

– Intro to BAG Innovation
– Workshop to solve one of our partner businesses challenges
– Meeting our Talent Manager and interviews for job opportunities

The Job positions we are interviewing for during this session:

-Customer service representative
-IT Project Lead
-The retail & operations manager (French-speaking female)
-Sales associate( French-speaking female)

All the above roles require excellent English, in both writing and speaking. Additional language knowledge is a plus.

NOTE: We will contact you if selected. (Answer the questions below well, to show us that you are motivated!)

Requirements to attend:

– You need to be a student OR a recent graduate in Rwanda.
– You have to be able to speak and write in English and work in a team with other students.
– You have to be ON TIME

Both BAG Innovators and new applicants are welcome to apply.



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