Clinic Manager

Job Overview

DEUS EST Neuro-Rehabilitation Center and Clinics is currently seeking for a Clinic Manager to join our team at the Clinic. DEUS EST Neuro-Rehabilitation Center and Clinics is the first center in Rwanda specialized in neurological rehabilitation located at KG 1 Avenue house number 62, Sonatubes/Gasabo/Kigali. As a specialized clinic, we look forward to developing professionalism and capacity building and in so doing we provide indoor trainings to our staff. The Clinic is a private trusted healthcare facility in Rwanda with specialized personnel in Neurology, Neurological rehabilitation, Gynecology, Pediatrics, Physiotherapy and we provide COVID-19 TEST. The clinic follows patients with complex neurological and neuro-muscular disorders and disabilities. We are hiring an experienced Clinic Manager to help us to keep on growing. If you’re dedicated and ambitious, DEUS EST Neuro-Rehabilitation Center and Clinics is an excellent place to grow your career. Don’t hesitate to apply.

Responsibilities for the Clinic Manager

·         Recruit, hire competent new staff members upon approval by the board and coordinate their training (medical doctors, nurses, physiotherapists …)

·         Design and implement business strategies to help the clinic meet organizational goals

·         Manage staff by assigning and delegating tasks as needed

·         Develop protocols and procedures to improve staff productivity

·         Act as a liaison between patients, their families and additional care staff

·         Plan and manage the clinic’s budget, payroll and submit it to the board for approval

·         Perform quarterly and annual employee reviews and provide constructive feedback on their performance to help them meet professional goals

·         Ensure that all policies and procedures function in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Rwanda

Typical daily duties include hiring new employees, creating work schedules, overseeing medical billing, drafting budgets, implementing policy changes, organizing tax forms, starting professional development training, ordering medical equipment, leading staff meetings, and negotiating insurance contracts. When patients have complaints, clinic managers may also step in to diplomatically resolve the issue with good customer service

Qualifications for the Clinic Manager

·         3+ years prior experience working in a clinical or healthcare setting

·         3+ years of proven success in leadership roles is required

·         Exceptional written and verbal communication skills

·         Analytical thinking skills and the ability to exercise sound judgment when making decisions

·         Must be customer service oriented and prepared to liaise with patients, their families and other care providers

·         Extremely organized and detail oriented

·         Ability to delegate tasks as needed

Necessary Skills

Running a clinic requires you to wear many hats, so clinic managers must have adaptability and excellent decision-making skills. Clinic managers must be skilled communicators with the people skills to interact daily with doctors, nurses, patients, and families. Leadership skills are important for properly delegating tasks and motivating a cohesive workforce. Having analytical skills is a must for clinic managers to consume and implement the latest government regulations and guidelines. Clinic managers should be detail-oriented with the organizational skills to keep clinical records and paperwork appropriately filed. Customer service skills are also essential for clinic managers to quickly appease patient problems and create a family-like atmosphere.

Degree and Education Requirements

At least a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university, majoring in health administration, public health, business administration, or management makes the most sense. Fill up your undergraduate schedule with classes in clinical informatics, health services management, medical terminology, health law, economics, budgeting, and medical billing. Master of Health Administration (MHA), Master of Public Health (MPH), or MBA with a healthcare concentration will be of a great added value.

How to Apply

Email and submit soft copies of your cover letter and CV at or hard copies at DEUS EST Neuro-Rehabilitation Center and Clinics, KG 1 Avenue house number 62, Sonatubes/Gasabo/Kigali. For more information, visit