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#CodeZone is a monthly gathering of software engineering enthusiasts who are interested in benefiting from shared knowledge in the industry.

About this Event

Project Overview

The theme for the September 2019 edition of #CodeZone is “A desktop Task Tracker app”. Life can be overwhelming when having a lot of daily tasks. Task tracker is a desktop app that allows us to keep everything in one place so that we can easily track both completed and in progress tasks.

Workshop Details

The workshop will provide participants the necessary skills to design a desktop application using ElectronJS. At the end of the session, participants will be able:

– To create desktop windows using ElectronJS.

– To structure and style an ElectronJS form

– To make a form to be interactive

– Have a working desktop application

– To build and ship an ElectronJS application.

Technical Stack

HTML, CSS, Javascript, NodeJS, ElectronJS.

Prerequisites Before D-Day

– Installation of Node JS: LTS Version 10.15.3

– Installation of ElectronJS as a global package.

Required Features

– Users should be able to add a task.

– Users should be to remove a task from the list

– Users should be to toggle a task from in progress to completed and vice-versa

About the Speaker

Olivier Esuka Muselemu works as a Software Developer at Andela. With a Master’s degree in Software Engineering from Wuhan University in China, Olivier has more than two years of experience in software development as a Fullstack developer. He also has experience working on both hardware and software systems.

Before joining Andela, Olivier was doing freelancing assignments and also working as an IT consultant for NGOs and colleges in DRCongo. Being passionate about technologies, he always wants to learn new skills and work on projects that require him to reach outside of his comfort zone and knowledge areas. When Olivier is not working, you can find him watching movies, listening to music and competing in Codewars.

Skills Learned as a Result of the Workshop

HTML, CSS, Javascript, NodeJS, ElectronJS …………….. Come, let’s code and learn together.



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