Communication Division Manager


Job Readvertisement: Communication Division Manager


Level 2.III

Reports To Deputy CEO and COO

No. of Positions 1

Deadline 18/Jun/2019

Job Description

1. Ensure production of high quality content & marketing and communication materials:

? Develop monitoring and evaluation mechanism
? Oversee communication needs assessments for RDB assessments
? Oversee the development of training sessions of RDB communication staff
? Provide strategic support to communications staff recruitment
? Coordinate media engagement plans
? Oversee the development of a RDB calendar
Supervise the updating of RDB comms directory

2. Coordinate and guide placement of RDB position and responses on key issues:

? Prepare communication planning around message calendar
? Analyze media on Rwanda
? Propose appropriate response on emerging issues
? Assess the impact of RDB messaging on media trend
? Review RDB press engagement
? Coordinate interviews with press
3. Provide guidance on communications related matters to RDB management and staff:
? Review source documents from RDB departments
? Advise RDB communication team on priorities
? Work with RDB communication department to produce content and information
? Approve key content to be uploaded on RDB platforms/shared with key stakeholders

4. Supervise and guide content creation schedules based on RDB priorities, events, policies and programs:

? Review RDB communication impact
? Monitor implementation of RDB communications campaigns
? Analyze media reports and advise accordingly

5. Daily management of RDB Communication and Marketing office & staff:

? Overseeing staff performance and delivery on key goals
? Chair meetings to share strategic information and collect inputs
? Ensure that department staff is aware of changes directly linked to key RDB and GoR communications programs, goals and activities
? Clarify performance expectations to staff

6. Guide RDB Communications and Marketing Department strategic and operational issues:

? Coordinate the preparation, execution and monitoring of department budget;
? Promote accountability and transparency in the management and delivery of department services and adherence to existing financial and procurement regulations and guidelines;
? Provide strategic guidance and leadership in the department
? Ensure safe custody of all properties, documents and records of the department
? Prepare and coordinate activities of the department
? Promote proper development, review and management of department plans, projects and strategies;
? Build institutional partnership, collaboration and networking
? Ensure the preparation and submission of the department’s periodic reports

Job Profile

Minimum Qualifications

•Master’s Degree in any of these fields: Communication, Public Relations, International Relations, Journalism, Marketing with a minimum of 3 years of relevant working experience or;

•Bachelor’s Degree in any of these fields: Communication, Public Relations, International Relations, Journalism, Marketing with a minimum of 5 years of relevant working experience, 2 of which were in managerial position;

Key Competencies required

•Excellent written and verbal communication and presentation skills, with the ability to develop and execute communication plans at all levels of the organization;
•Ability to translate technical and complex issues and convey clear messages to wider audiences;
•Excellent interpersonal and influence skills with ability to interact at various level within and outside the organization;
•Experience with developing, publishing and maintaining content for various communication channels;
•Excellent knowledge of national policies and procedures relating to the communication and media, and applies them consistently in work tasks;
•Advanced knowledge of multi
– media content production and online communication tools and platforms;
•Highly organized with ability to multitask and oversee the implementation of all communications activities across the organi
Excellent command of written and spoken English;
•Proficiency in French and Kinyarwanda is an added advantage;


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