Communication to Rwandan students wishing to study Higher education in Poland



Having noted that, a number of students have approached the Higher Education Council (HEC) seeking letters to confirm their eligibility to study Higher Education in Poland;

Basing on the discussions held during the meeting on 26/04/2019 in the Office of the Executive Director of HEC, and attended by representatives of the Embassy of Poland (in Dar es Salaam); Higher Education Council; Ministry of Education; Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, and the Honorary Consul of Poland to Rwanda (in Kigali);

Referring to the letter from the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Dar es Salaam addressed to the Executive Director of HEC (Ref. DAR.AMB.2130.2.2019 dated 03/06/2019);

The management of HEC wishes to inform individuals wishing to study Higher Education in Poland that:

1. While a number of Universities in Poland are accredited and offer quality education, Rwandese students intending to study in Poland should be aware that, some Universities in Poland do not provide quality education. Students should therefore be selective

2. Currently, some Universities to which students apply for admission require an upfront payment of tuition fees (either in full or in part); however, there are circumstances where such a prospective student may not be issued with a Polish Visa and as such not allowed to travel to Poland. This means that the student will have to request for refund of the pre-paid funds. This process may take some time.

3.Students with High School Grades lower than “C” in the Principal Subjects in the Advanced Secondary National Examinations (General Education) or Technical and Vocational Education and Training National Examinations; are not eligible to apply for study at the undergraduate level.

4. The Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Dar es Salaam has provided the following web link giving further information to the students wishing to study Higher Education in Poland:

5. The Embassy of the Republic of Poland has also recommended a ranking of best Universities in the Republic of Poland

The Polish Embassy in Dar es Salaam recommended the following ranking of the Best Universities in the Republic of Poland according to

a) Public Universities

  1. University of Warsaw (ex aequo)
  2. Jagiellonian University (ex aequo)
  3. Warsaw University of Technology
  4. Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan
  5. AGI-1 University of Science and Technology in Krakow
  6. Wroclaw University of Technology
  7. Gdansk Medical University
  8. University of Wroclaw
  9. The University of Technology in Gdansk
  10. 10, Silesian University of Technology

b) Private Universities

  1. Kozminski University
  2. SWPS University
  3. Humanistycznospoleczny Lazarski University
  4. Polish- Japanese Academy of Information and Technology
  5. The Academy of Finance and Business Vistula in Warsaw
  6. WSB

    Academy in Dabrowa Gornicza

  7. Collegium Civitas in Warsaw
  8. Academy of A. Frycza Modrzewski
  9. University of Social Science
  10. Katowice School of Economics

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