Communications Analyst


Job Readvertisement: Communications Analyst


Level 2.III

Reports To Deputy CEO and COO

No. of Positions 2

Deadline 18/Jun/2019

Job Description


1. Ensure production of high quality content & communication materials
2. Coordinate and Guide placement and responses on key issues
3. Provide guidance on communications related matters to RDB management and staff
4. Ensure online presence of RDB departments with quality content
5. Supervise content creation schedules based on RDB priorities, events, policies and programs
6. Supervise and guide the implementation of communication campaigns on key RDB programs and events


? Supervise the development of training content for communication staff
? Develop monitoring and evaluation mechanism
? Oversee communication needs assessments for RDB
? Provide strategic support to communications staff recruitment
? Coordinate media engagement plans
? Oversee the development of a RDB calendar
? Prepare communication planning around message calendar
? Analyze media reports on Rwanda and RDB
? Propose appropriate response on emerging issues
? Assess the impact of RDB messaging on media trend
? Review RDB press engagement
? Coordinate interviews with press
? Advise RDB on the communicating priorities
? Work with RDB to produce content and information Edit topics
? Supervise the uploading of materials
? Update fact sheets, articles & briefings notes
? Provide guidance on media plug- ins on RDB Web properties
? Develop RDB engagement & response manual
? Assess the impact of RDB online content
? Review RDB communication impact in coordination with MDAs
? Monitor implementation of RDB communications campaigns
? Analyze media reports and advise accordingly
? Prepare ToR for communication related activities
? Invite Journalists
? Manage media database
? Review media handling plan
? Arrange interviews
? Supervise coverage of RDB key events

Job Profile

Minimum Qualifications

•Master’s Degree in any of these fields: Communication, Public Relations, International Relations and Journalism, with 3 years of relevant working experience or;

•Bachelor’s Degree in any of these fields: Communication, Public Relations, International Relations and Journalism with 5 years of relevant working experience.

Key Competencies required

•Excellent report writing and presentation skills;
•Demonstrated excellent ability to apply fundamental concepts and principles of a professional discipline relating to investigating facts, gathering and filtering information, and delivering it effectively to the public;
•Excellent knowledge of national and institutional policies and procedures relating to the communication and media, with ability to apply them consistently in work tasks;
•Demonstrated strong ability to convey ideas in a clear and precise manner;
•Excellent written and spoken communication skills, critical thinking and an ethical and responsible attitude;
•Demonstrated excellent knowledge of online communication tools and platforms;
•Advanced knowledge in Audio visual production and dissemination
•Excellent command of written and spoken English;
•Proficiency in French and Kinyarwanda is an added advantage;



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