Construction expert – Rwanda Union of the Blind




Hiring a construction expert

Task: Renovating a multipurpose hall

Working period: Five weeks

Venue: Kicukiro District/Masaka

Reporting to: MRCB Director

1.    Background

1.1    About RUB 

Rwanda Union of the Blind is a local non-governmental organization legally operating in Rwanda since 1995. It is registered with Rwanda Governance board under the legal personality no   60/05 of 16/03/1995 to work towards the improvement of the living conditions of persons with visual impairment in Rwanda. RUB is a member of the National Union of Disability Organizations of Rwanda (NUDOR) and the Umbrella des Personnes Handicapés dans la Lutte contre le Sida (UPHLS). It is also affiliated to the African Union of the Blind (AFUB) and the World Blind Union (WBU).

Overtime, the RUB strengthens and extends the scope of its activities by establishing branches in almost all districts of the country. Currently, RUB has 62 well-established branches in all districts with its headquarters in Kigali City, Nyarugenge District, Muhima Sector on Poids -Lourds Road. RUB envisages having a situation where all necessary services for people with visual impairment are provided as a right of the individual and hope to see education and employment opportunities, as well as all other welfare services, being as available to those who are visually impaired as they are to all other citizens. To reach this vision, it became necessary for RUB to establish a rehabilitation centre in the year 2000, so-called  Masaka Resource Center for the Blind (MRCB) which empowers persons with visual impairment to live independently and to be aware of their rights.

 MRCB provides rehabilitation training for Persons with visual impairment and equips them with farming skills which include agriculture and animal husbandry to help them live independently and productively. The Masaka Resource Center for the Blind (MRCB) is the only center in the country that provides such training for youth and adults who have vision impairment.

1.2About construction work

RUB requires a construction expert to renovate the MRCB multipurpose hall and improve its roof and to construct an accessible toilet for persons with disabilities including wheelchair users. The technical offer will also include a concrete area for a water tank to contain 10,000 Litters.

Tasks, outputs and proposed timeframe



a. Visiting the site

14th August 2019

b. Submitting technical and financial offers

19th August 2019

c. Opening the envelopes

21st August 2019

d. Commencing the work

Latest  Monday, 26th August 2019

e. Working duration

5 weeks

 Main duties/ Responsibilities

  • Renovate and raising of walls (renovation)
  • Installation of 4 windows and one double opening door
  • Installation of the roof covering BG 28
  • Installation of metallic gutter
  • Flooring with tiles
  • Construction of accessible ramp for persons with disabilities
  • Internal and external painting
  • Supply of water tank and construction of stones masonry base for support of the tank
  • Construction of accessible toilet for persons with disabilities
  1. Qualifications and competencies required:
  • At least diploma  in civil engineering and or building design
  • Minimum 3 years of professional experience in construction work
  • Experience in managing and supervising medium and large scale construction works
  • Having an RDB certificate
  • Certificate of registration in VAT
  • Recommendation from local government authorities
  • A CV of site engineer who is registered in an institution of Engineers of Rwanda
  • Ability to understand renovation work
  1. Application process

Interested construction experts should submit their curriculum vitae (CVs), a letter of application, technical and financial offers. The application should clearly describe how the construction expert intends to undertake this work of renovating the multipurpose hall.

Application documents should be submitted in hard copies to Masaka Resource Center for the Blind (MRCB). The deadline for application to this position is 19th August 2019.


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