Director of People (HR Director) – Inkomoko Business Development


POSITION: Director of People (HR Director)

REPORTS TO: President and Managing Director

LOCATION: Kigali, Rwanda


Inkomoko Business Development is a consulting and training firm that works with entrepreneurs in Rwanda to provide them growth planning, technology tools, accounting and finance support, including direct affordable debt investment.   Founded in 2012, Inkomoko is mission-driven organization that seeks both social impact and financial sustainability, as the Rwandan affiliate of African Entrepreneur Collective, a network of incubators, accelerators, and investment funds supporting young entrepreneurs in Africa.  AEC’s goal is to support African entrepreneurs to create jobs by providing them skills, networks, and access to finance needed to create jobs.



The Director of People will lead the organization’s work to hire, develop, and retain excellent staff as the organization doubles in size each year for the next several years. Build the organizational culture to lead the organization to achieve all of our strategic business and social impact priorities.  Specific responsibilities include:

Growth Strategies and Organizational Culture (20% time)

  • Have a deep understanding of talent needs across the organization and propose solutions
  • Be a leader of organizational culture and export it across locales, ensuring effective communications, values, and standards are consistent among employees
  • Manage succession planning
  • Manage annual happiness audit, and implement solutions generated from the outcomes

Recruitment and Hiring (30% time)

  • Support Directors and HR Managers to hire strong staff to meet our business deliverables
  • Participate in high-level interviews, and support HR Manager to organize others
  • Work with Directors to develop job descriptions to find the right candidates, decreasing inefficiencies in screening, hiring.
  • Improve and monitor systems of on-boarding
  • Lead implementation of company salary bands, remuneration, bonuses and non-monetary compensation to attract & retain staff

Professional Development (30% time)

  • Lead AEC’s annual employee review and goal setting process, including quarterly reviews
  • Develop internal training programs for professional development – at both line staff and director levels
  • Identify and solve professional development needs for staff at all levels of the organization
  • Lead the annual staff retreat, in partnership with other AEC Directors

Company Leadership (20% time)

  • Manage HR staff for admin/compliance
  • Report to senior leadership and Board on trends among staff and outside the company
  • Serve as organizational Ombudsperson, and manage anonymous feedback
  • Maintain relationships with an employment lawyer, and work on any issues of staff legal matters
  •  Budget and project management to achieve HR outcomes
  •  Serve as part of the leadership team
  • On the organization’s employee manual, ensuring that policies reflect strategy and culture
  • Ensure compliance of staff data in Odoo and other company technologies
  • Assist in annual audit with HR files


The Director of People will be a seasoned leader who understands how complex systems and roles fit together, and can build the absolute best team for achieving our strategic goals. 

  • Successful candidates will demonstrate:
  •  Proven track record of HR leadership, including building and developing teams of 50+ and managing other HR professionals
  • A management philosophy that matches ours of radical candor, transparency, and feedback for growth
  • Experience managing performance review processes to bring out the best and remove the worst
  • Experience with recruiting, hiring, firing, and coaching Directors to do the same 
  • Love of working in Rwanda with a deep respect for law and fairness
  •  Absolute confidentiality of employee personnel records, demonstrating high levels of discretion, professionalism, and responsiveness
  •  Has led benefits and compensation management in previous roles, understands the benchmarks of compensation in social enterprise organizations in East Africa
  •  Experience in project management– must be both strategic and operational
  • Fluent in English, additional proficiency in French and Kinyarwanda strongly preferred
  • Perfect writing skills and a very open communicator 


Our core beliefs and values enable us to achieve our vision and mission. Our employees embody the key tenants of the company’s culture. All candidates must demonstrate our core values:

  • Purpose: be solutions-oriented and produce high-quality work and be a global leader.
  • Achievement: push yourself to reach beyond what you think is possible.
  • Improvement: Be humble and committed to continuous learning and growing. Improve through giving and receiving open and accurate feedback
  • Bravery: willing to take risks and create a safe space for others to take risks. Be compassionate and inclusive.
  • Turikumwe (We are together): Take time to appreciate colleagues, celebrate success, and hold each other up in hard times. We eat goat.


To apply for this position, please click on the apply now button and send your resume and motivation letter by 16 September.In your cover letter, please explain how you would promote the best in your colleagues.


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