Distance Learning – What is it and how does it work?


Distance Learning - What is it and how does it workBalancing a full-time job and/or family and studying might seem like an impossible task to manage.  Many students have to postpone their desire to continue studying due to unexpected events in life,  such as family expansion or getting an attractive job offer. As time passes, the desire you once felt suddenly seems like a faraway dream. Are you a silent education seeker and experiencing these kinds of difficulties? No more regrets,  as there are alternatives for you! Besides the regular courses, countless institutions around the world offer distance learning courses of any preferred level.

What is distance learning?

Distance Learning or online learning is a mode of study whereby students don’t need to attend traditional campus-based classes. Physical classrooms and tutors are replaced with online training systems allowing students to fit Learning around family, work and other commitments. Tutorial support is often provided via electronic tools, such as email., phone, videoconferences, etc

How much does it cost?

The tuition fees for distance Learning depend on the chosen programme, institution and country. High-ranked institutions, for example, might charge students with higher tuition fees. Generally speaking, tuition fees for online courses are lower compared to those charged for traditional education.  No matter how you put it, certain expenses such as accommodation and transport are going to be saved when choosing for this virtual education system.

Who is it for?

Distance learning is for anyone who can’t manage to study, due to personal, professional or any other type of commitments. However, distance learners are required to be motivated, disciplined, self-reliant, and should know how to manage time.

What are the advantages?

  • Flexibility allowing to fit Learning around your personal and/or professional Life.
  • Distance Learners mention the fact that they get to keep the quality time with their family as the most important advantage_ Secondly. it enables learners to continue working and earning an income while studying.
  • Knowledge acquired from your studies can be put to use immediately when working and studying at the same time,
  • Obtain a degree from any desired institution, both locally and international

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What are the disadvantages?

  • You are responsible for how you manage time and The main struggle distance Learners experience is that there is no pre-determined timetable to stick to. When considering distance learning, bare in mind that self-motivation and discipline are required to keep track.
  • No face-to-face contact with students or tutors. Distance learners mention the virtual education system can feel a bit lonely since there is very little social interaction involved

Top online courses for Distance learners

Top online courses for Distance learnersKnowing which online courses are most popular would help ambitious students in selecting the path to earn an education, while you still pursue other interest. Here is a list of favorite career-rewarding online courses.

1.Business administration

The number of students enrolled in this course is huge and continues to grow. One of the reasons why this is the most preferred online course is because of its broad-based business education concept that applies to almost any career.

2.Hotel and hospitality management

The hospitality industry is rapidly growing. Getting this degree would prepare students to gain skills in managing, operating, and marketing in this industry, The course incorporates practical as well as theoretical studies of the field.

3.Computer science and Engineering

Graduates with a degree in Computer science and Engineering are needed in almost any and every company. Students who take this course learn to develop data and produce as well as create software programs.

4. Graphics & Multimedia

As the Internet is a growing medium today, companies are Looking for those  who have degrees in Graphics and Multimedia. In this course, students will both Learn and acquire skills in computer graphics, electronic imaging, and production.

5. Health administration

Graduates in Health Administration are in demand in the area  of healthcare to assist heads of departments in large hospitals,in this course, students learn to acquire the ability to manage and supervise in a health company.

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