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Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA) through the Single Project Implementation Unit (SPIU), has obtained funds from different development partners to support the Government of Rwanda in its commitment to deliver on its development agenda. It is in this framework that REMA would like to recruit competent employees on the positions of:

Position: Districts Environmental Officers.

Duration: 24 Months (renewable)

Implementation Agency: Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA).

  1. Job description:
  • Work closely with local Government and other technical staff at District level to make sure the project activities are included in the District Development Plan (DDP) and implemented according to the project development objectives;
  • Support in mobilizing Community Driven Development subprojects (CDDs) beneficiaries and identify the CDDs;
  • Monitor the project’s activities and produce the reports to the Coordinators in collaboration with the M&E Specialist;
  • Oversee the implementation of project activities at the District level in collaboration with the M&E Specialist, promoting the project at District level and among all partners;
  • Oversee and manage project implementation, monitor work progress, and ensure timely delivery of outputs in Project intervention areas;
  • Report to the M&E Specialist regarding project progress. Reports should contain assessments of the progress of implementing activities, including reasons for delays, if any, and recommendations on necessary improvements;
  • Support the M&E Specialist in developing and facilitating the implementation of a comprehensive monitoring and reporting system;
  • Support in the preparation of detailed annual work plans and budgets;
  • Supervise, coordinate and facilitate the work of the hired service providers by the project in the Districts;
  • Provide input to management and technical reports, and other documents as described in the M&E plan for the overall project;
  • Participate in the PSC meetings and coordinate project site visits;
  • Represent the project in relevant meetings and conferences to which REMA is invited in the assigned Districts;
  • Actively participate in the supervision, monitoring and evaluation of projects activities;
  • In collaboration with the Environment Officer and forests officers, oversee all the Environmental aspects of all project activities implemented under the project at District level;
  • Plan and execute all activities of Forest and Landscape Restoration in the Mayaga Region Project in assigned Districts in close collaboration with the authorities and technicians at District level;
  • Assist in developing and reviewing technical studies carried out in the project site through field visits, consultation meetings with communities, NG0s, local Government in order to ensure that they get the accurate information and oversee the activities of contracted parties, such as trained facilitators, implementing agencies, supporting staff and other providers of services to the beneficiary communities;
  • Ensure that all projects funded community-level sub-project activities are within the district development plan (DDP);
  • Prepare the Annual Work Plan and budget at a local level in line with REMA projects/programs and submit it to the Forest and Landscaping Restoration in the Mayaga Region Project Coordinator; “Watershed Management Sector Specialist”;
  • In close collaboration with the Project Accountant, ensure that funds are advanced by the project in a timely manner that it does not hinder the implementation of projects activities and that all projects resources are used efficiently in support of the project objectives and targets of communities;
  • Collect data (contact details, work plans, meeting schedules) and maintain comprehensive operational information on all partners’ activities in the assigned districts including NGOs, Government offices, community-based organizations, and civil society, this exercise will be undertaken jointly with District Environmental Officers, District forests officers and Joint Action Development Forum JADF “Permanent Secretary”, and will involve capacity building with local partners. The recommendations on their needs in the mainstreaming environment in their daily development activities will also be submitted to REMA;
  • Prepare weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual progress reports on the status of the implementation of the project activities at District level, including technical, financial, policy matters, highlighting challenges and proposing options to solve them;
  • Establish Community Driven Development subprojects amongst the community;
  • Perform any other activities directly related to the project objectives that will be assigned by the project Coordinator.
  1. Education:
  • Bachelor’s degree in Environment Science, Forestry, Rural Development, Natural Resources Management, Geography, Soil and water management or other field related to the terms of reference;
  • At least three (3) years of applicable experience;
  • Familiarity with development projects implementation procedures and guidelines;
  • Proven knowledge and practical experience of at least 2 years in project management and relevant connected fields;
  • Computer skills (Microsoft Office or MIS systems);
  • Fluent in Kinyarwanda, English and/ or French; knowledge of all is an advantage
  • Prepared to be based in the project area;
  • Prepared to work in an interdisciplinary team, under pressure and meet crucial deadlines.
  1. Key Technical Skills & Knowledge required:
  • Computer literacy in full Microsoft Office and office technology equipment;
  • Prepared to work in an interdisciplinary team, under pressure and meet crucial deadlines;
  • Knowledge of GIS tools will be an advantage.
  1. Application

Applications should include:

  • Application letter addressed to the Director-General;
  • A detailed Curriculum vitae containing full personal details (birth date, gender, nationality, marital status, home address, and full contact numbers); and experience relevant for the position previous and current appointment;
  • Copy of academic qualifications;
  • Work certificate to prove your experience at least three years;

Interested candidates will submit their applications at recruitment@rema.gov.rw

The late application shall not be considered

The deadline for the submission of the applications shall be on 31/03/2020 before Midnight Kigali time.

For any further information, please visit the REMA website.


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