Estate Officer


Job Readvertisement: Estate Officer


Level 4.II

Reports To Director

No. of Positions 1

Deadline 18/Jun/2019

Job Description

Title of position to whom this job reports is Director of Administration & Estate Unit
Under the supervision of the Director of Administration and Estate Unit, the job holder will be responsible for the following:
•Ensure that all RDB buildings are maintained as required;
•Prepare, monitor and evaluate all estate maintenance contracts and related agreements;
•Ensure proper supervision of all contracts of relevant services;
•Ensure proper functioning of elevators, generators, air conditions, supply of electricity and water;
•Ensure all the buildings of RDB have valid insurance coverage;
•Prepare technical specifications for rehabilitation and maintenance of all RDB buildings;
•Supervise the maintenance works, rehabilitations of RDB buildings;
•Represent RDB for the technical matters related to the engineering works;
•Ensure there is RDB parking yards for staff and visitors and ensure good utilization of the same;
•Ensure the sound system is on and properly working during RDB events;
•Ensure regular sites inspections in RDB and parks and other areas where RDB has land, buildings and equipment;
•Ensure quarterly emergency equipment checks including fire extinguisher;
•Monitor structural or major items of a property deteriorating nature;
•Perform any other task that can be assigned by the supervisor;

Job Profile

Minimum Qualifications

•Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or Estate Management ;

Key Competencies required

•Demonstrated ability to develop and execute the overall management plan of the building;
•Demonstrated skills in contract negotiation and management, fire safety and security systems management skills;
•Demonstrated skills in construction , Electonics & Real Estate management;
•Strong understanding of public building and environmental regulations to ensure compliance;
•Demonstrated assets and resources management skills with ability to timeously manage all repairs and maintenance;
•Highly organized with ability to multi- task and deliver in a fast paced environment and ensure all concerns are raised and timeously addressed;
•Reliable communication skills with ability to prepare internal reports;
•Strong command of written and spoken English;
•Proficiency in French and Kinyarwanda is an added advantage



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