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Fintech Innovation Hub 2020


FinTecHub is looking for early-stage post revenue fintech startups operating in Rwanda. In particular, your company needs to have an existing product and revenue traction.  

FinTecHub is Rwanda’s dedicated accelerator that supports selected Rwandan fintech startups to scale by addressing their needs for skills, partnerships, access to capital and markets, and navigating the regulatory environment. FinTecHub is an initiative of UNCDF in partnership with the Ministry of ICT and Innovation and the ICT Chamber.

Selection criteria

  • Originality: Uniqueness in the product or business model.
  • Team: A committed team of at least two people.
  • Inclusion: Have the potential to enhance financial inclusion or contribute to the government’s cashless agenda.
  • Stage: Post revenue and in operation for at least one year since product launch.
  • Risk level: No red flags, particularly around impact and consumer protection.

Entry criteria

  • Must be a registered company with evidence of traction in either revenue or active users
  • Must be a member company of Rwanda ICT Chamber or ready to become a member
  • Must have a fintech product currently in the market (e.g., digital payments & remittances, lending & financing, savings & investments, insurances, etc.)


A potential to become the winner of a $20,000 or 3 winners for $15,000 grants, towards company milestones together with tailored business building support for all selected fintech startups.

The first cohort will run from August to February.




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