Hiring of individual recruitment experts, part time trainers and researchers for RMI database of consultants



Hiring of individual recruitment experts, part time trainers and researchers for RMI
database of consultants.

Reference No : 000001/C/NCB/2018/2019/RMI

I. Introduction

RMI is building a database of Recruitment Experts, Researchers and Trainers who will be working on a need-based consultancy basis. RMI would therefore like to invite interested and qualified individuals to submit their Expressions of Interest (EOI) under the following lots:


I. Individual recruitment and talent detection experts may express their interest in one or more of the following specific areas:

1. Education Sector (All levels).
2. ICT Sector.
3. Diplomacy and international cooperation Sectors.
4. Mining and Energy Sectors.
5. Health and Medical Insurance Sector.
6. Real Estates Investment and Management Sector.
7. Foods and Drugs Regulatory Sector.
8. Human Resources Management Sector.
9. Water Resources Management Sector.
10. Litigation, Legislative, Negotiation and Arbitration Sectors.
11. Curricula Development Sector.
12. Transport, Logistics and Procurement Management Sectors.
13. Accountability, Forensics, Investigations and Auditing sectors.
14. Public Relations and information management sector.
15. Urban Water Finance Management Services
16. Crop Water Productivity Research services
17. Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Services
18. Hydrology and Agricultural Automation Services
19. Engineering (all branches) sector.
20. Hospitality industry Sector.
21. Software development.
22. Agriculture and Animal Husbandry.

Interested individual applicants under this Lot of recruitment experts should hold either :

a. A PhD level university degree with a minimum of one (1) year experience
managing teams at different levels of their careers.

b. A relevant Master’s university degree with a minimum of two (2) years experience in
the fields mentioned above.

c. An Upper Second Class undergraduate level degree with:

i. a minimum experience of three (3) years in the field/s mentioned in any of the
above sectors they may choose to apply to.
ii. At-least one (1) international professional certification in related fields.


I. Interested trainers must submit their Expression of Interest in one or more of the following specific areas depending on their areas of specialization:

1. Business Economics Trainers (Economics, Econometrics & Monetary Policy)

2. Financial Stability and supervision Trainers

3. Gender and Development Trainers

4. Human Resources Management Trainers

5. Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Trainers

6. Public Policy Design and Analysis Trainers

7. Professional writing and communication skills trainers

  • Speech Writing
  • Public Speaking
  • Presentation skills
  • Executive Policy Paper writing
  • Report Writing skills
  • Minutes writing skills

8. Business Negotiation Trainers

9. Communication & trust Trainers

10. Emotional intelligence Trainers

11. Exponential thinking Trainers

12. Self-leadership, agility and change Trainers

13. Information Communication Technology

14. Certified Information Technology Course trainers

15. Hospital Management Trainers

16. Procurement Management Trainers,

17. Geographical Information Systems Trainers

18. Customer Service/Customer Relations Management Trainers

19. Psychometric Analysis Trainers

20. Project Management Professional Trainers

21. Strategic Marketing and Communications Trainers

22. School Management Trainers

23. Pedagogy and assessment Trainers

24. Media and Public Relations Trainers

25. Banking and bank operations Trainers

26. National bank operations Trainers

27. Insurance Trainers

28. Refugees and Disaster Management Trainers

29. Land management Trainers

30. Coaching and mentoring

31. Languages Trainers (English, French, Swahili, Kinyarwanda, Germany and Chinese).

II. Requirements and minimum qualifications and experience for individual part time

Interested individual applicants to lot 2 should hold either:

a. A PhD with a minimum of one (1) year experience in managing teams at different levels of their careers.

b. Master’s university level degree holders must have a minimum of two(2) years’ experience in adult training or university level teaching OR

c. A first university degree with international professional certifications such as ICDL, CPA, TOEFL, IELTS, etc.


I. Interested researchers must submit their Expression of Interest in one or more of the
following specific areas of research:

1. Energy Sector.
2. Food Security Sector
3. Artificial Intelligence and robotics.
4. Housing, secondary cities and urbanization.
5. E-commerce.
6. Labor and employment.
7. Statistics in policy development.
8. Education Sector
9. ICT programming.
10. E-Learning.
11. Internet of Things (IoT).
12. Women in Economic and Social transformation.
13. Home-grown solutions
14. International Trade
15. Law and Diplomacy
16. Justice sector
17. Conflict Management and Healing
18. Gender and Development
19. Banking and Insurance.

II. Requirements, minimum qualifications and experience

Applicants must have evidence of publications from internationally reputable journals or have books published by reputable publishing companies/houses.

Key Obligations

  • Conduct their tasks with diligence and professionalism
  • Applicants should be responsible for covering his/her/their insurance expenses, his/her/their own accommodation, out-of-office telephone expenses, and own transport facilities unless.
  • Dedicate the whole of his/her availability to RMI for the duration of the training and research functions and responsibilities defined in the contract/s.
  • Dedicate the whole of his/her availability to RMI for the duration of the recruitment functions and responsibilities defined in the contract/s

Method of application

This is an online application and interested and qualified individuals are encouraged to apply through Job In Rwanda website: www.jobinrwanda.com

The shortlisted applicants be requested to make presentations to assess their presentation skills, technical capacity and language proficiency.

The shortlisting shall be based on the following criteria:

  • Qualifications (Academic Background) of individual applicant.
  • Relevant Experience and evidence in conducting training, recruitment and or research assignments.

For more information,please download http://rmi.rw/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Hiring-Individual-Part-time-Trainers-Researchers-and-Talent-Detection-Experts.pdf


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