How to become popular in college?


Going to college is one of the memorable experiences any student can have. Gaining a lot of friends, and eventually being known in various circles on the campus are just
some of the things a college student aspires to be socially.

While some people think being popular is superficial, well we beg to differ. It is deeper than socializing and earning popularity. Being popular is working on improving yourself, being confident of who you are, and building your self-esteem. You don’t have to be a mean girl or a school jock to be well-known in the universities.

Follow these 9 steps and will help you become famous during your college years

1. Don’t put on a mask

Students despise it when their friends turn out to be someone they are not. College is where you find out who you are, so be proud of what makes you unique! Love movies? Love music? Show it! Soon you’ll find your clique to share these interests. Besides, if you are acting like everyone in the school, you will not stand out. Popularity is gained by being extraordinary, keep that in mind.

2. Friendliness is the key

No one likes someone who is rude and mean. Be kind to everyone by offering help, talking about other subjects such as hobbies, interests, plans for the future, music, TV shows, and so on. Show interest in other people, too and don’t center everything about your life. The world does not and will not revolve around you.

3. Have a good sense of Humour

Usually, people like to be surrounded by someone who can make them laugh. You do not have to be a comedian, but being boring and dull will make you famous — but not in the way you expect. Cheer people up, especially during the challenging moments — exams week, when a friend is having a hard rime, or when the team is losing its spirit.

Be the bright light in every situation. However, don’t overdo it and be sensitive to avoid offending those who are around you.

4. Be fashionable

Fashion style says a lot about a person. If someone doesn’t know you, your choice of clothing is what they will Look at. before anything else. Whatever your style is, wear it
with confidence!

5. Express yourself

You don’t always have to share the same opinion as your classmates, so make sure you stand up for what you believe in. However, make you sure you respect other people’s views and you will still treat them the same even though your opinion might not be so. Stand up for those who misjudged a person for having an opinion and make the others comfortable by letting them know it is okay to have a different point of view and opinion.

6. Be open Minded and humble

You will find a Lot of diverse cultures, nationalities, religions, lifestyles, ages, and races in colleges and universities. Wherever you are, be open minded and stay humble. This applies to everyone and not just to those that have the same religion. culture, or race as you.

Show your interests and share stories with each other about where you come from and what is common in your cultures. This way, you can attract someone’s attention and make great friends.

7. Be a part of cultural clubs and sports

Some popular students are known to be popular because they are good at something or because they are part of a community or organizations. Do what you are good at with passion and you will definitely get noticed!

Do not join too many clubs though! That will make it seem like you are trying too hard to fit in.

8. Usage of social media

In the fast-paced world, we live in admit it or not, we rely on social media as our instant source of information. Why don’t you use yours to spread important stuff about school? Broaden your network in school by using Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Aside from that, you can also show your schoolmates what you are up to in your spare time and send friend requests to new people! This can get you a lot of interests and will make it easier to talk to everyone in the school.

9. Loyalty towards your friends

Be a person of integrity. No one likes it when someone is not honest or caring.  Show them your love by being there for them when they need you. Do not hurt them by doing things that will personally attack them, like spilling secrets or spreading gossips.  That is how they will lose their loyalty towards you immediately.

With these nine secrets, we hope to help you gain popularity! If you just hold yourself on to them, then it’ll work out just right for you. Good luck!


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