How to deal with job rejection


Looking for a job is exciting. It’s never fun to get bad news after an interview. You worked hard to prepare, and you put in time and energy to do your best. Receiving rejection after an interview, or not being called for an interview at all, happens to everyone, but can make you feel down. This article will provide you with guidance for coping with rejection when applying for jobs and internships.

Getting rejected in the interview is something which should be handled normally without exaggerating, for you never know what destiny has in store for you.

Here are a few tips on how you should deal with the rejection, and move on to better, brighter things.

  • If you are not selected for a position, ask the employer for feedback (without sounding bitter or defensive) about how you can make yourself a stronger candidate in the future)
  • Try to analyze your job search efforts and figure out what might be going awry
  • Be willing to adjust your approach, revise your materials, or try new strategies
  • Be honest with yourself about your competencies and marketability for certain jobs
  • Consider being either more selective or less selective in terms of the jobs you’re willing to pursue

Learn from the past

When we think of past mistakes, it can get us down. Instead of focusing on the negative, take the time to identify the lesson from each situation. Determine what went wrong so you can ensure that it does not happen in future situations.

Take a Break

If you get tired of job searching, allow yourself to take a break from it – even if it’s just a week. When the break is over, keep trying. Persistence is really important to job search success.

Find a Way to Stay Positive

  • Try to stay optimistic so your mood doesn’t spiral downward
  • Be aware of the messages you say to yourself. Negative self-talk can make you depressed. Make sure you are speaking in positives and not constantly criticizing yourself.

And Don’t forget, The future is bright !!!!

When you work hard, you’ll find there’s so much you can accomplish. Just keep pushing towards your dreams and you just may surprise yourself with your success.


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